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10 representative elements of the Orisha Osun, the watcher of the heads

orisha oshun

Osun, Sacred Orisha of the Yoruba religion represented by a rooster, acts as the messenger of Olofi, is the custodian and the one who watches over the head (orí) of all believers. It is the deity who warns us against all evil and alerts us from on high when dangers approach.

And it is that he always lives high and if he falls, he announces that death and misfortune are close to the person and he must quickly go to consult so that the Orishas make their mandate and indicate what their wish is.

Osun, the one who warns men of dangers on Earth

1. The watchman

Osun is a major orisha, messenger of the wise father Obatala and the God Olofi. Helper of Orula the soothsayer to get the powers of divination and the one who watches over the heads of believers. It represents life itself.

2. Syncretism

In the traditional syncretism in Cuba, Osun is the Catholic saint San Juan Bautista, a traveling preacher valued as one of the main saints of Catholicism, who is venerated with great faith and devotion.

3. The 4 Orishas Warriors

Osun is an Osha from Orisha Oddé's group, commonly called Los Guerreros along with Elegguá the one who opens the roads, Oggún the owner of the mountain and Oshosi the vigilante.

Those known as warrior Orishas or Orisha Oddé are the first that any initiate in the Yoruba Religion must receive to begin his life taking into account the advice of the saints.

This group of fighters and protectors can only be delivered by the highest-ranking Priests, called Oluwos or Babalawos. Along with them, Osun symbolizes the ancestors of an individual, the lookout, the keeper of the heads.

4. Spirituality of Osun

The Orisha Osun is composed of 5 parts:

  • the rooster that represents vitality, strength and health in the face of life.
  • the plate is the sustenance on earth
  • the cup that represents the 4 cardinal points
  • the rod that are the legs
  • the base is the world.

5. Protective spirit

Osun is the ancestral spirit that is related to the individual and that guides and warns them during their path in life, for this reason they are considered vigilant, guardian and protector.

6. Relationship with Orula

Osun has a special relationship with Orula, the great Orisha soothsayer. Orula relies on Osun, to obtain the powers of divination and royal knowledge.

And Osun is his staff, his support so that Orula can alert the devotees with his powers to any evil.

7. You should never lie down

It represents the verticality of the human being on the earth and therefore its foundation must never lie down or lie down, it must always be standing and up to watch our head.

As we explained previously, if it falls, it warns of evil and near death and if the person who owns it dies, Osun lies down and must go with its owner.

8. Attributes of Osun

Osun's receptacle is a silver metal cup that in the upper part can have the figure of a cock, a dove, a dog or a chameleon, responding to its characteristics as Orisha and inside it carries a secret load

It has no attributes and does not wear snail hands or necklace. Its color is the white par excellence in its relationship with the father of all Obbatalá, but it also represents all colors, as a link between the Orishas and men.

9. Offerings to Osun

Osun is offered Orí (cocoa butter), Efún (cascarilla) and Otí (brandy). They are mainly immolated doves (eyelé) and the same animals as the warriors, except rooster or chicken, which is his taboo (prohibition) for being an akuko (rooster) himself.

Their Ewe (herbs) are the same as those of the other warriors, and they can also wear the ewe of Obbatalá.

10. The sons of Ozun

The Omo Osun are similar to the Omo Obbatalá, but more placated and not as haughty as the children of the Orisha father. In fact, the children of Osun are characterized by being extremely humble, responsible and generous.

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