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15 Characteristics of the Orisha Oyá: The true owner of the markets

Orisha Oyá Features

We all know and venerate the Orisha who symbolizes the winds and owns them in the Yoruba Pantheon.

This warrior Orisha is Oyá and she has so many powerful qualities that crown her as the most warrior of all and the most fearsome when it comes to battle.

how do you identify Oyá in the Yoruba and Santeria Religion?

Among the most important and relevant characteristics of the Orisha Oyá Within the Afro-Cuban religion we have:

1. The meaning of his name

Oyá It is also known as Iyansan (Iyá = mother Mesán = nine), this name means mother of nine because Oyá had 9 children.

Orisha is the owner of all manifestations caused by the wind, both calm and dark and as challenging as whirlwinds, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Adelaide It is another of the names by which it is known, it is the deity that with the help of fire defeats all those who become its enemies.

On land, Arará usually calls him Aane Kurene.

2. The Guardian Oyá

Oya has a guardian who is old and is known as Lajigbo.

3. Yanza's messenger

Her messenger is Alefí, that is, the wind, who makes sure that she finds out who is born and who dies.

4. Keep oxygen among its powers

It represents an invaluable and necessary element within our existence which is the air we breathe called Affe in Yoruba language.

5. Warrior and wife of Shango

This powerful Orisha can do everything, since she is not afraid of her enemies.

With its sparks it illuminates the stones thrown in battles by her manly and warrior husband, the Orisha Shango, which upon impact turn into lightning stones at the foot of the palms.

6. A loving mother who supports

Oyá in her peaceful state she is usually a loving mother to her children, she is homey, affectionate and very concerned, but when she is upset she is the opposite.

in his will Oyá she becomes terrifying, short-tempered and goes to war with all her weapons without exception.

7. Ratio Oyá and the creator Olofin

She is the Feisita de Olofin, that is, his secretary.

8. Requests and petitions dedicated to Yanza

A Oyá You are mainly asked:

  • Strength and firmness to face obstacles in life,
  • prayers for the sick,
  • he is sought to find justice,
  • to have courage and momentum,
  • to increase forces when all else fails,
  • May she intercede with her protection in the hardest and most painful moments because she has power over death and spirits.

9. Oyá and his father Obatalá

She was raised by Babá Afabile, a very old Obbatalá path that habita in the atmosphere and that by mandate of Olofin keeps our air pure.

10. The cemetery, the sacred space of Yanza

Oyá She is the one who directs the souls of the spirits to heaven, that is why she is said to be the owner of the cemetery, but in reality she is:

  • The true owner of the markets,
  • the owner of squares,
  • who perfectly masters the trade.

11. Oggue and Oyá

Really the owner of Oggue, represented by the jars that accompanyañaNa Shango is Oyá, which are offered to Shangó as a pact.

The jar or horn of Oyá They are the horns of the Chiva consecrated to her and of the goat to Elegguá.

12. The maraca of the Orisha of the centella

A Oyá It is called by a maraca that is produced by the Delonix regia tree (Framboyánot).

13. Wife of Orishas

She was the wife of Oggún and after Shango, the tools of these Orishas also serve them in battle.

14. Attributes of the rainbow deity

Oyá He must wear an Orole (a mask) and also a tail or horsetail called Afisa Babá Awenikú, with which, waving it over his head in the form of a whirlpool, he scares death (Ikú) and the Egguns (dead).

Some people usually put a whip on it as if it were a lightning bolt.

15. Oyá and osun

If any son of Oyá receives Osun, the height of this must be the measurement that is possessed from the ankle to the knee of the one who receives it.

There are many characteristics of this brave Orisha and each one of them makes it clear that Oyá guardian of the realm of spirits, goddess of intuition and of everything that is reborn and transforms, she will always come to our call when we invoke her with true faith and love. 

We share some offerings dedicated to the Goddess Oyá:

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