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Do you know the Orisha Shango? The Kawó Silé, the one who rules the house

Orisha Shango

Shango the Orisha of the Lightning, is a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, also known as Kawó Silé which means: the one who rules the house, when called by this name the person who invokes him rises from the chair as an act of reverence and courtesy to offer him the seat he occupied.

He is an impetuous and unpredictable Orisha because for the moment he unfolds his rays and through the storm makes the rain sprout, in order to appease the drought and thus allow the land to be fertile again.

He is the Patron of wars and soldiers, of the entire war arsenal, his anger is immense and he does not usually forgive the corrupt or the liars.

Transculturation of the Yoruba Orisha

As part of the transculturation process, Shango is syncretized in Cuba with Holy Barbara BlessedHis festival being celebrated on December 4, it is also identified in our country with San Marcos, in Brazil it is equated with San Gerónimo.  

The bantus He is known as Seven Rays and the Greeks venerate him as Zeus: King of Mount Olympus.

What delicacies are provided to Kawó Silé?

Shango is offered Indian bananas, cooked cornmeal, green bananas, brandy, toasted corn, okra soup, mamey, melon, dry wine, red wine and apple among others.

The animals that are sacrificed in his honor are the ram once it has had offspring, the jicotea, the quail, the roosters and the bananas.

Necklaces and attributes of Shango

His necklace is made up of red and white beads, as these are the colors that identify him. Habita in a wooden receptacle or in a tray that may or may not be on a pylon.

The Owner of Batá drums, dance and music

He is the lord of the candleHe is a virile deity for which he is considered the king of women to whom he offers special protection.

He likes music and is a great percussionist and dancer.

His ceremonial dress It is red and white, which is adorned with a scarf belt and is complemented by a crown, although he also likes to wear the guayabera, the national garment of Cuba, for this reason the devotees call him the man of the guayabera.

He is a wise saint, that is why his voice is always heard and respected.

He demands that his children count on him first and foremost and ask them for advice, because with only his blessing they are capable of overcoming multiple difficulties.

What does the God of War represent?

Shango is an Orisha which represents the need and the joy of living, the enjoyment of it and its enjoyment, one of its main teachings is knowing how to have fun and take advantage of every opportunity that life offers because these are not often repeated very often.

He personifies masculine beauty and gallantry. Passion, abundance and wealth. In the same way, it embodies the courage it takes to face the vicissitudes of fate.

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