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Yemayá Asesú, the Orisha of turbulent waters is the Virgin of the Remedies

Orisha Yemaya Asesu

Yemaya Asesu is the way of the Orisha Yemaya that represents her as a messenger of Olokun, deity of the Ocean. She is very powerful and by uniting her powers with Olokun, they both transform into a single indestructible force.

This Yemayá, according to the Patakíes, broke all the ties that related her to the land and went to live in the depths of the waters.

She is the queen of geese, ducks and swans and habita in marshy waters, pipes, latrines and sewers. It is the Yemayá of dirty and turbulent waters.

Its name means "The forgetful“That is why it is said that it is very slow when it comes to helping its devotees and complying with requests, because when something is asked of it, it begins to count the feathers of the duck that is sacrificed to it and if it makes a mistake, it starts again.

Attributes and symbols of Asesú

Yemayá Asesú carries the attributes that make her full and powerful queen of the seas, and also includes some that represent this path as Olokun's messenger.

Its elements are:

  • small boat
  • a little drum
  • a whirlpool
  • silver handles

His crown is adorned with: a duck, a rooster, a key, seven machetes, a life preserver, two adams, a manatee, an anchor, a crescent, two oars, a pig, a hoe, a rake, a scimitar, a sickle. and a shovel.

He lives in a jar with the ram's head from when he was born and two masks on top. It should be placed in a basin filled with sand and surrounded by ducks.

Yemayá Asesú syncretizes with the Virgen de los Remedios

In Cuba, a la Orisha Yemaya Asesu it is syncretized with the Virgin of the Remedies, revered by many as the deity who comes to the rescue in desperate moments, to grant us health and prosperity.

The legend of the Virgen de los Remedios tells that centuries ago, a shepherd went to drink at the well in the Cerro del Rodeo field, in Spain.aña. When she went to drink the water, he saw a little doll at the bottom of the well and took it to her daughter, putting it in her bag.

But upon reaching the town, the doll was missing, so the man returned to the well and found it again at the bottom of it. He picked it up again and tucked it into his shirt sleeve, but when he got home, the doll had disappeared again.

Faced with this miracle, the village priest said that the doll was the work of the Virgin and that he wanted a hermitage to be built for it. So all the h were put into operationabitabefore the territory until they built a hermitage to the liking of the Virgin.

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