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Who is Yembó? The Mother of the Orishas and Goddess of the calm sea

Orisha Yembo

Yembó is an orisha considered the first Yemaya, which symbolizes the calm of the sea.

Of the Queen Orisha of the Sea, 26 paths are known, each Yemayá has a different interpretation and is linked to various tools and qualities that characterize her as a divine and warrior goddess, always related to the salty waters of the Earth.

Around this deity habitan several mysteries, many say that this path of Yemayá, named Yemú or Yembó, is Oduduwa female, the creative energy. And it is on this path that the true crown of Yemayá is also born.

Also among the Yoruba secrets, this deity is separated from Yemayá, being an independent orisha.

The Orisha Yembó and its characteristics:

Yembo came to earth as a beautiful woman, with hair as dark as night. Its beauty and splendor were so immense that it mesmerized everyone in the great realm of the supreme god. Olodumare.

Of great femininity, sensual and beautiful, so much that it represents the blessing, but also the curse, nobody can resist its sweetness, it emanates desire and love. It dominates and governs all the water in the world, the womb that gives life and creation, under its mantle is the immensity of the ocean.

Yemú, the energy from sea

Yembó, as we explained, represents the calm in the sea, which is appreciated when there is no strong waves and we can enjoy that stillness and peace that the infinite expanse of blue waters gives us.

Some Patakíes explain that she is a female representation of obbatala, who lives in the sea for punishment from Oduduwá. Others, on the other hand, define her as the wife of Father Orisha and mother of the God of Thunder. Shangofrom the patron of blacksmiths, Oggun and of the Orisha who opens the roads, ElegguaShe is even considered the mother of all the Orishas.

Yembó, the Yorubas say, was the best warrior woman in the world and she was the one who locked Oroiña, the fire, in the center of the Earth. He was also known by the nickname of Odde Masse, "The mother of the candle".

Attributes of Yembó

Her color is white with azure blue, she wears white and blue because of her relationship with Yemayá and Obbatalá and lives in the sea, specifically in the foam of the waves that come and go in the calm of the sea.

Yembó eats rooster and duck and sometimes white doves and his offerings are given in number of one. Her necklaces are made of coral beads, crystal blue and light blue, representative colors of the ocean waters that belong to her.

Its foundation has outside a 16-step silver staircase and with 2 hands of snails sewn to it and its tools are linked to those of the Queen of the Seas, Yemayá, in addition to her own that represent her, which are:

  • a key
  • a white metal anchor

Yembó is the orisha that is syncretized with the Immaculate Conception, the dogma of faith of the Catholic Church.

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