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Did you know these interesting qualities of Yewá? Goddess guess and pure

Orisha Yewa

Yewá is everything virgin and unexplored, is the mystery of what is not known in the Yoruba religion, in life and in the universe.

She represents our virginal, pure aspect, but she is also fertilization, so that new fruits, lives, and transformations can be generated.

10 Characteristics of Yewá as Orisha Yoruba:

  1. She is the mother of character, and is an Orisha of the waters, more specifically the Yewá River, in lakes of Nigeria.
  2. She is the archetype of chastity for the Yoruba religion, she owns the horizons, the fog and the cemetery.
  3. She is represented by a beautiful virgin, not even Shango, the most conquering of women, could seduce her.
  4. It is Yewá who also has the power of clairvoyance, an attribute that Orula, the Ifá fortune-teller gave her.
  5. She is the queen of the starry sky and of the cosmos, that is, of the place where man cannot reach.
  6. Its symbols are the serpent, the sword and a spear or harpoon.
  7. The force of this Orisha is concentrated in a snake that swallowed its own tail, which denotes a sense of perpetual continuity of life, since the circle never ends.
  8. Yewá is the Orisha that transforms water from its liquid state to the gaseous state, generating clouds and rains.
  9. She is also in nature the unattainable rainbow, the sky, the fog.
  10. Yewá closely related to the darkness in which spirits find themselves, death in front of Yewá is what develops their creativity, and their ability to relate and love.

The Yoruba story of Yewá that condemned her to live in darkness:

One of their legends or pataki says that Yewá was the daughter of Obatala the white father, but her father's love for her was very strange, authoritarian and jealous, making her live in his castle as if she were in a cloister.

The fame of the beauty and chastity of the princess reached everywhere, even the kingdom of Shango, who was very womanizer and instantly felt the desire for love.

So the great Shango planned to seduce Yewá, and even if it was difficult, the king of thunder would do anything to get it.

In the palace of Obatala, Shango managed to see the maiden, and the beauty she possessed, but Yewá, repentant of his act, asked his father to send him to a place where no man would see him.

Obatalá then gave him the kingdom of the dead, in the dark, between the fog and the spirits habitalaugh forever.

Since then it is Yewá habita in the cemetery, and it is she who delivers Oyá the goddess of the lightning, the corpses that Babalú Ayé, the owner of the plagues, leads to that astral.

Perhaps this is why Yewá can be perceived as a deity that is not changed by her experiences with others. She is never dominated by her emotions, nor by others.

He is invulnerable to suffering, untouchable in relationships, therefore, his deity can be defined as inaccessible to this type of transformation.

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