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How did Orisha Oko save the land from the Olokun flood? ≫ Patakí

Orishaoko and Olokun

Orisha oko He is the Orisha linked to harvests, whom all legends relate to the search for prosperity on Earth. It is he, the representative deity of the savannas, lands and cultivated fields who helps and gives benefits to those who work them.

Who is Orisha Oko?

It is this deity that represents the strength and energy of the earth itself and the life of agricultural work, crops and crops, helps and protects those who make their living through agricultural development.

Orisha Oko is considered an extremely chaste saint, he is a hard worker and kind, his messengers are bees. It also represents prosperity and fertility, bonanza, that is why sterile women turn to it to allow them to conceive a child.

Form a trilogy with Oke and Oggue, the three orishas are responsible for the crops and the rains so that the plants and fruits are prosperous. They also rule the animals and the internal fire so strong that it can split the earth, orishas that together bring prosperity to the world.

Orisha Oko has two personalities, by day she represents the perfect man and at night she disguises herself as Iku (death), she has a close relationship with the dead.

Pataki: Orisha Oko before the flood of Olokun to Earth

The Pataki says that Orisha Oko was the husband of Olokun, the goddess of the depths of the oceans, and that when his wife spoke of her hermaphrodite status, she was so ashamed of her partner's reaction that she flooded the earth in anger.

After Olokun invaded everything with his powerful waters, all the people on the planet had to take refuge in the mountain.aña highest.

From there they tried to get the attention of the God Olofin to solve that difficult situation and end the flood, but the Creator did not realize what was happening on earth.

Then the men devised to make a great tower that reached the sky to communicate with Olofin, but the masons, from so much working in isolation and in separate work groups, could not understand each other.

Thus, different languages ​​arose and it became so difficult to continue without being able to understand each other, that little by little they abandoned the construction of the building.

Oko's intervention and the rainbow

Given this, Orisha Oko had a better idea. With her farming implements she made seven gigantic furrows in the mountainaña and planted each one with plants of a different color, tracing a beautiful drawing that could be seen from the sky.

one mañaSince Olofin looked towards the Earth and saw the drawing that Oko had made, the Creator liked it so much that he ordered a bridge to be made with seven colors, the same as those on the mountain.aña so that Oko could go up to the palace.

Thus, Oko went up to heaven and told what had happened and the waters receded. The farmer returned to Earth, which now had more space to cultivate, and when men learned of his beamaña they began to call it Orishaoko.

Olofin for his part, ruled that oshumare, the rainbow, will come down to Earth as a memory of that event.

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