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How do the Orishas heal us? Powers that favor our body

Orishas human body

According to the forces they represent the Orishas of the Yoruba PantheonThey have certain priorities, influences or powers with which they work to heal and protect man on earth.

According to the Orisha that we resort to, protect or defend us, it will preserve us from diseases that can appear in different parts of the body.

The healing bond that the Orishas implant with human beings are mainly bodily, since it is through our bodies that we exist and are.

Although they also heal us spiritually.

Relationship of the Orishas with the human body

The Orishas in the Yoruba religion are forces of great vitality and when they come into contact and transfer that vital force to our bodies through different intermediaries we heal.

These intermediaries can be the use of plants, herbs, animal sacrifices, and other ritual practices that also rely on elements that belong to the Orishas, ​​to restore our health by interacting with our bodies.

Obbatalá, the father of all:

He is the owner of our heads and thoughts, of everything white and pure, of our dreams and tranquility.

Therefore, it always protects us from health, from dementia, it also protects from deformations of the body.

Shango, the king of fire:

The Orisha Shango related to thunder, lightning, fire, and symbol of male virility protects us from burns and suicides that have to do with the fire element.

It also protects the male reproductive organs and the bone marrow.

Choose the owner of our roads:

This Orisha mediates between the positive and negative forces of our body, it is who accentuates the great power that herbs and healing plants have to heal us.

Oggún, the lord of metal:

The great Orisha who owns iron is the one who is in charge of clarifying the paths that stand in the way or stop vitality in various parts of our body.

In itself it frees us from those negative energies that can be presented.

In addition, it is who protects:

  • The tendons and nerves of the muscles,
  • kidneys and
  • the heart.

Oyá, queen of darkness:

Evolution, development and rebirth are attributed to the Orisha, owner of cemeteries, eddies, storms, changing winds, and great storms.

We are born, we develop and we die, so that new seeds germinate it is necessary for death to make a presence sometimes.

Oyá takes care of diseases associated with the air we breathe, that is why it is who protects us and frees us from diseases related to breathing.

Yemayá, mother of the world:

In the case of our Universal Mother, water is her essence because she is the owner of the waters, seas and oceans.

Water is vital in our lives and restores both physical and spiritual health.

Iyá Yemayá protects the afflictions concerning the womb, is the owner of motherhood and a great protector, therefore, she takes care of us since our mothers conceive us in the womb and also helps mothers when they are breastfeeding.

Oshún, lady of honey and love:

This beautiful Orisha has the power to heal with her clear and fresh waters.

She is the owner and mistress of everything related to love in all aspects, not just love as a couple, as many believe.

This great Orisha owner of the rivers, of great sensuality and beauty, protects us from:

  • All diseases that originate in the lower abdomen, in the sexual organs, in the blood and
  • of all kinds of bleeding and disorder in the female body.

Oshún always attends pregnant women, women in labor and newborns.

Oshún and Yemayá, the Two Waters:

Both Orishas directly related to the waters are considered as instaurators and multipliers of human life, linked to vital elements of life; fertility and motherhood.

Water is closely linked to freshness, to what germinates, to what fertilizes, to life in general and belongs to these great Orishas mothers.

Both heal our body through the wonderful and necessary waters, both salty and sweet, plants, herbs, animals, honey, honey, and other representative elements of each one of them.

Religious must always respect the power of the Orishas

We must also be careful and be very careful, because many times those forces that the Orishas transmit and that make them curative can turn out to be prohibitions that we must respect when we are crowned in the Rule of Osha or Santeria.

For example:

Almost always the Olo Oshún and Oni Yemayá are prohibited from entering the waters of rivers and seas without the proper authorization of their mothers, because they can encounter accidents and even death.

The Oni Shango, to give another example, must respect fire because it is sacred to them, they cannot play with a candle or be near it.

Therefore we must be respectful and whenever we face obstacles consult their advice and guides.

The healing world of our Orishas is very wide and necessary for the healing of different conditions of the human body, knowledge is power, learning every day helps us find our destiny.

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Orishas human body
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