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Deities of human endeavor in the Yoruba Pantheon ≫ 3 Orishas

Orishas of human endeavor

Those who with their work help to develop the productive activities of men on earth, are considered deities of human endeavor, based on a scheme created by various scholars of the Yoruba religion who wanted to give a scientific order to the representation of the Orishas. , grouping them according to their actions on earth and the elements with which they are related.

Thus, a scheme was made that groups them into cosmogonic, telluric, human endeavor and divinatory deities.

Orishas of human endeavor:

We will address the group of deities of human endeavor and how their forces support the development of life on earth.

We describe each deity in this group below:

ochosi: God of the Hunt

He is an Osha from the Orisha Oddé group, commonly called The Warriors. This group is made up of Elegua the owner of roads, Oggun the iron king, Oshosi the vigilante y Osun the watcher of the heads.

He is a hunter Orisha who is related to prison, justice and the persecuted. He is a warrior, avid hunter and the thought that is capable of moving anywhere or at any time.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Osóssí (Osó: sorcerer Sísé: do work Yes: stop), literally "He who works with witchcraft", as he is also a sorcerer and healer. He is in charge of protecting the fugitives and feeding the hungry and underprivileged meat.

One of the qualities of this hunting deity is its close relationship with Oggún, the owner of the mountain. They live together inside a metal cauldron and their union establishes the unbreakable strength before life, they are saviors of death and protectors of misfortune.

orisha oko: God of agriculture

Orisha oko it is in nature and represents the land, but also agricultural work and crops. He is directly related to agriculture and the field and is recognized as the protector of the tillage and plows. Bringer of rain in drought, healthy food and good harvests.

It provides the means of support on earth by giving man the necessary food to live. He is considered the just Orisha who can be the arbiter of disputes, even between Orishas.

He is a hard worker and ensures the prosperity of the crops. It represents abundance and fertility, and that is why sterile women turn to it.

It forms an important trilogy with Oke and Oggué, responsible for the crops, the rains, the fire, the animals, and the powerful internal energies capable of splitting the earth.

At night he disguises himself as Ikú (death) and receives the corpses that death gives him. Yewa and those sent by the warrior Oyá through the god of sickness Babalu Aye.

Aggayu: God of porters, boatmen and shippers

Aggayu Solá He is the giant Orisha of the dry land and desert, patron of walkers and porters.

He is the father of the Orisha of thunder Shango, symbolizes the powers of the river and earthquakes. He is an Orisha warrior who likes to protect young children.

Aggayú is also the orisha of the volcanoes, he is the boatman who helps people to cross the river. He acts as a protective father and because of his strength and his facet as a warrior, many ask him for protection against various problems.

"He who covers the desert with his voice", is the meaning from which the name of Aggayú Solá comes, the Orisha who represents the impressive natural forces.

The volcano, the magma and the interior of the earth are its most powerful symbols. It lives in the current of the river and is the bastion of the Osha and particularly of the wise father obbatala.

His fury unleashes earthquakes and his forces spin the earth. He is the Orisha of fire, of a bellicose and angry character.

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