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What Orishas will rule the Year 2021 according to Osha?

Orishas letter of the year 2021

In Cuba, every December 31st around midnight, a group of Ifá priests meet to select by means of Orunmila the great Oracle, the letter or sign that will rule the following twelve months.

Said letter is drawn by the youngest Oluwo present there, to attest to the ceremonies that must be carried out, some older Babalawos are present in the enclosure who ensure that each procedure is carried out as tradition dictates.

The objective of this event is to offer the religious people of Cuba and the world some advice that will allow the new year to be more bearable and run with the fewest possible setbacks.

Deities that have been ruling according to the Letter of the Year 2021:

Olokun story

Olokun the deity who habita In the deep sea.

The Orisha who will rule the year 2021 is a deity with great secrets, secrets as deep as the bottom of the ocean, the place where he has his kingdom.

Olokun One of the most powerful and unpredictable deities that exist within the Santeria Rule, his strength is such that he is capable of unleashing the sea in an impetuous and violent way, devastating everything in his path.

This saint has the virtue of healing, a grace that was granted to her by Olodumare, for which it is received to improve health, she is also in charge of promoting the union of the family, contributing with her gifts to unify its members.

Among his powers we cite the grace of hope and imagination for being two infinite virtues like the heart of Olokun.

For his children he always keeps his arms open, reaching out for them to do the impossible, he is a protective deity and defender of just causes.

This Orisha is associated with phenomena and changes, Olokun recommends not leaving for meañaWhat can be done today because it affirms that life is guided by time, a foreman that never looks back or stops.

Oshún the African Venus of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Ochún copper charity day
The Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and representation of the Orisha Ochún

The deity accompaniedañante in this 2021 is Oshún the most beautiful saint of the Yoruba Pantheon.

This Orisha is the patron saint of Cuba and the deity who owns honey and fertility.

Respect is owed to Oshún because, despite having a kind appearance, he sentences with a smile, judging each man according to the magnitude of his sins.

This deity is the bearer of the mirror, the same attribute with which he teaches his children to observe themselves in it so that they are able to correct their own defects, in order to become better human beings.

More about Olokun and Oshún:

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