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How to get prosperity and intelligence in life? Pataki by Otrupon Meyi

Orishas Otrupon Meji

When Otrupon Meyi came down to earth, orunmila He made divination for him advising him that in this new world he should learn as much as he could, because his knowledge in the future would save his life and would make him worthy of recognition and prestige by the Orishas and their peers.

Path where Otrupon Meyi became great and wise with the blessing of the Orishas

Otrupon Meyi who was obedient made an animal sacrifice to Ifá to thank him for his advice through Orunmila.

Eleguá instructed him on the path of life:

After leaving Orunmila's house, the priest met Eshu on the way, whom he asked to instruct him in the ways of life.

The Orisha gladly gave him many explanations about life and after a few months Otrupon Meyi had become the right hand of Eleggua.

Oggún taught him the secrets of metals:

Fulfilling an Eshu mission, Otrupon Meyi met with Oggun whom he asked to teach him to forge iron.

The pleased Orisha taught him to master metals and with great joy the religious returned home.

Shango showed him the power of the candle:

to the mañana next Otrupon Meyi went in search of Shango, to whom he asked to explain how to master the candle and how to use musical instruments and in a short time man became the possessor of these secrets.

Oshún gave him the secret of happiness:

Then he passed by the river and seeing Oshun always cheerful, lucky and smiling, she begged him to give her the secret of happiness and the African queen, as she liked, revealed to Otrupon Meyi how to be truly happy.

Yemayá gave him the knowledge of the seas:

A few months passed and Otrupon Meyi went to the house of Yemaya so that the marine deity would help him to know the secrets of the ocean and this as he was alone agreed to teach him only in exchange for his company.

Olodumare observed from the sky the effort that Otrupon Meyi put into the things he did and how he made an effort to prepare himself more and more each day, for this he facilitated his path and from anonymity helped him.

Beside Oyá Yansa discovered the power of spirits:

On one occasion the young man came across Oyá yansa, to whom he begged to instruct him in the art of duly attending to the spirits, since he wanted to obtain his blessing and the deity with pleasure complied with his request.

Patience and humility were taught by Baba Obatala:

Finally, the man went to the hill in search of Obatala, protective deity of all heads so that he would teach him how to be humble and patient and he did so, because Obatalá covered him with his mantle, leaving much of his knowledge in him.

The Supreme Olodumare always rewards our sacrifice

In this way Otrupon Meyi became great and wise, Olodumare in reward for his sacrifice made him prosperous and prestigious and from the earth he began to instill in other human beings what he had learned. 

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