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7 Yoruba deities little known today Orishas of great power!

Yoruba orishas

The Orishas or Oshas They are Yoruba deities who influence the forces of nature and the problems of the earth.

Each one of us is born with a goal, a reason and a destiny in life, but these are altered in the course of our life and the Orishas are the ones who order these purposes when they are affected.

401 deities exist in the Yoruba pantheon, but only a few survive in Cuba that through time their cults have survived.

Lesser known Orishas or Oshas in the Yoruba Pantheon and Afro-Cuban religiosity

Here are 7 little-known deities that are important and intervene in our lives in different ways through their ancient powers.

1. Orisha Abokun, Shango's companion

Brother and colleague of MonkeyThis Orisha sees Ifá, he is very strict and modest, Abokun is done through Shango.

It is covered with a cloth that is half white and half red, or half red and half yellow and green, and it is also covered with money.

Abokun's load is on a cedar doll that is on top of a horse and carries an ax on his head. This consecration for years is not seen as it is said.

2. Orisha Abokeye, deity representing mediums

This is the daughter of Abokun and a native of the Iyesá land (Yoruba subtribes that habitan in Western Nigeria).

  • He usually eats chicken, pigeon, slug and likes yams.

She has two shadows that always walk with her and are called Aboku Soro and Aboku Lo, which serve her to move to the astral level.

Abokeye is consecrated and is represented in a wooden doll (Oshe) from the Bibijagua tree with a central head carved in the shape of a skull and two slanted branches each finished with a central head, the load goes on the main head of the doll (Oshe) .

The deity Abokeye represents mediums and is the shadow of his father Abokun.

Abokun and Abokeye always go togetherañagoing to Eggun Ni Shangó ("horses" that is, the people that Shangó uses to transport himself to the earth).

3. Orisha Ajá, owner of secrets that heal

aja yoruba

A minor Orisha whose cult has been less well known since the XNUMXth century and was the wife of Olokun.

She is in charge of offering the fundamental precepts of the secrets of the Yoruba religion and the use of herbs to minor children between 3 and 9 years old, children of those who are new to Osha.

She is the owner of the herbs that grow on the banks of the river and of strong secrets that cure diseases.

  • She is always on the defensive, she is very agitated and threatening, she is depicted moving in a whirlwind, or being the whirlwind itself.

Our tradition indicates that she is a friend of Oyá the goddess of sparkle, and transfers it when it asks for it. 

4. Orisha Ainá, goes withañacolor beads

Ainá is the daughter of the Jimaguas Ibeyis family and she was born with the umbilical cord tangled around her neck, she is not a pretty Orisha and she lives covered by beads of all colors.

She is the sister of Añagui (healer and witch) and woman of the I guess Orunmila in Otura Meyi. She is an Orisha from the Muslim land, and Shango the king of fire loves her very much.

5. Ayao, sorceress and companion of Ozain

Ayana Aja and Ayao

She lives in the root of the ceiba, it is said she is the sister of Oyá and I accompanied himaña at ceremonies praising her and humming songs along with her like a march.

It represents virginity, and those who have Ayao cannot have a partner or marry.

when it settles Oyá he is given food from the same feast, but apart on a round table with flowers and a tablecloth of different colors and 9 lighted candles.

She usually works in the air and is a sorceress, she also works with Ozain and is a partner of Oronkuin (Ozaín female).

Some of its characteristics:

  • She is dressed in a pink pearl and jet necklace.
  • He usually eats pullet, guinea, olelé (tamale wrapped in banana leaves).
  • protect the children of Oyá, because it is this Orisha who calms Oyá.
  • Protective guardian of fearful people, not at all secure and unable to face life's problems.
  • This deity is cared for in caves that contain rivers in the subsoils.

6. Aje Shalunga, representative of fortune

orisha aye shaluga

It is an Orisha related to health, prosperity and wealth. It lives in seawater, it is a participant in fertility and abundance.

Its shell is shaped like an ear, it is its organ of auditory sensation and a tool for spiritual capacity. The pearl allegorically becomes the word. 

Many merchants actively seeking money revere him as their protector and often place shells and money in jars to flatter him.

Something that is very lucky is to find a shell that produces pearls such as mother of pearl or oysters, among others.

He is stubborn, changeable and unstable, always choosing at random those he blesses and favors and always with great monetary abundance.

Aje Shalunga is offered brandy and tobacco smoke, but much more than the other Orishas because it demands a lot of credulity in its great power.

7. Boromú, messenger of the dead

Also known as Bromú, it symbolizes the bones of the spirits, habita in the desert and live with Oduduwa.

In the cemetery Yewá is the one who teaches him the oracle and wisdom, he is his messenger and also his secret.

  • The guardians of Oduduwá in Ifá are Boromú and Brosia.

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