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Who is Orugán? The Orisha of the South who works with the Star King

Orugán the Orisha

Orugán also named Orugá It is one of the minor Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, its powers are related to the arrival of noon, at which time the sun aligns itself on the horizon, the passage of the Blessed Sacrament occurs and the deity obtains an enhancement of its magical gifts.

It is logical to deduce then that Orugán works with the star king, with whom he seals pacts and through which he obtains blessings for man such as light and heat, to name some of them.

With the empowerment of his powers at noon Orugán establishes dominance over half of everything:

  • the balance between good and bad,
  • Health and illness,
  • life and death,
  • Love and hate,
  • beauty and ugliness and
  • good and bad luck.

When the santero has stagnant or half plans, he must beg this deity to intercede for him and in this way his tasks are completed.

The noon Orisha comes from the Volcano and the ocean.

Orugán son of Aggayú and Yemayá

This deity was born of Aggayu Solá the incarnation of the volcano and Yemaya the Orisha who lying on the earth gave birth to humanity, so she has a strong temperament, is intelligent and robust.

He is usually impulsive at times, although this is not the prevailing behavior in Orugán.

Orugán was the first man to be consecrated in Ifá.

It is considered that he was the first man to be consecrated in the Sacred Rule of Ifá, obtaining through Orunmila the great Oracle the powers necessary to do good and change the destiny of humanity for the better.

This was in charge of teaching Eleggúa the Orisha owner of all the ways, the secrets of divination, thus guaranteeing that the smallest of the Yoruba saints would consolidate their power.

Orugán is a power that the Babalawos receive...

Orugán is an Orisha who receives exclusively the Babalawos, these are the priests who are consecrated in the knowledge of Ifá.

Through this deity, the Oluos, the name under which these men are also known, perform sorcery in order to achieve multiple purposes, including health, physical strength and spiritual seat.

This deity brings family togetherness and abundance to the home.

Among the offerings that can be placed is the presence of a figure that represents the sun because it is the star with which the Orugán works.

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