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Orula: 5 things the Orisha likes

What does Orula like

A Orula or Orunmila, wisdom and reason, good decisions, factors in favor ... we ask him for his blessings, as he is the great benefactor of humanity and its main adviser.

It is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle and reveals the future through the secret of Ifá.

We now propose 5 qualities and tastes of Orula.

1. Wisdom

Orula represents wisdom, intelligence, mischief and cunning. Know the fate of everything that exists.

Orisha possessor of the knowledge of the secret things of the human being and the nature, has all the accumulated wisdom on the history of the humanity.

2. Counselor

Diviner and owner of the Oracles, Orula loves the possibility of influencing destiny, even if it is the most adverse.

It is said that those who do not follow Orula's advice, be they men or Orishas, ​​can be victims of the Osogbos sent by Eshu. Represents security, support and comfort in difficult life situations.

3. Attributes

Its attributes are related to the art of divination and predicting the future. It has 2 Ikines hands, an otá, a cedar tablet, a board (Opón Ifá or Até Ifá), a carved horn (Irofá), an Iruke (horse's tail), an okpele or rosary of Ifá and Yefá or Orula powder .

4. Offerings to entertain him

Orunmila is asked for advice and offered yams, coconut, white basil, etc.

Goat, black hen, dove and deer are sacrificed to him.

Their Ewes (herbs) are olive, purple Christmas gift, small basil, arabian, altea, aará, acediana, noodle vine, colony, copey, coconut bark, galán de noche, paradise, Ceiba, yam, etc.

5. Attention of his devotees

To attend to this Orisha, an important place in the house should be found where its presence can be felt, taking into account that it cannot be in bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens. Orula likes it to be respected like a king.

It is attended every 25 days (some suggest the new moon), for which the person must be clean, that is, without having had sex for at least 24 hours before, or having ingested alcohol or drugs.

However, the attentions to Orula must be governed by the indications of his elders and what the Orisha marks when asked through the Oracles.

The Hand of Orula ceremony is also performed to find out with what Odu (sign) the person came down to earth. It governs life and destiny and contains future, current and past problems, weaknesses, strengths, character, etc.

Orula also likes the attention of its devotees on October 4, a celebration for all babalawos Cubans. That day the godchildren must attend the godfather's house and the second godfather's house and bring offerings to Orula.

They should kneel in front of the Orisha and pray "Orunmila igboru, Orunmila igboya, Orunmila igboshishe."

At the end of the prayer, the godson should turn to his godfather and say "Oluo igboru, Oluo igboya, Oluo igboshishe."

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