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Ika Meyi: Orula danced with the heads of her Enemies thanks to the Ebbó

Orula in Ika Meyi

Olofin lived surrounded by riches and luxuries, he had inside his palaces large fields and even baby animals.

His enemies who knew of his fortune used to rob him, one day orunmila who was the right hand of the Orisha discovered the theft of his opponents and for this reason they swore to take revenge on him.

So they began to monitor his movements looking for the slightest reason to ridicule him.

Pataki where Orula's enemies sought to harm him

One night Orunmila's wife, who was pregnant, asked him to get her peanuts to satisfy her craving.

Orula, in order to please her, went to Olofin's plantation and took it, with the desire to pay her the next day.

When he left the field, his enemies who were watching him rushed against him, telling him that how such a correct man had been able to steal from Olofin.

Orula, seeing that they had discovered him, tried to explain himself, but no one understood.

When the sun rose the next day they marched to the castle of the Orisha to blame him before Olofin and in this way take the revenge that they had been planning for so long.

The fortune teller is consulted and Ifá marks him ebbó to ward off the adversary

The soothsayer who was more cunning went to see Olofin and told him that some animals were plotting against him.

Olofin then asked Orunmila what to do, he sat on the mat and marked their sacrifice.

Olofin approved the ebbó, so Orula asked Eshú to bring the animals with their mouths covered so that they could not speak.

When Orunmila had the animals in front of him, he sacrificed them, so that they would not betray him with Olofin and in this way he took their heads and danced with them, executing the ebbó that Ifá had marked him.

Ifá tips for religious in Ika Meyi

In Ika Meyi, betrayal and robbery are born.

Through this odun Ifá he warns the religious about the importance of obtaining profits in a clean way so that they do not receive false accusations from the enemies, who will always be attentive in order to harm them.

It is vital not to leave matters up to others as they can be misrepresented and have fatal consequences.

In this letter there are no debts or money is borrowed, because the person will never be able to pay what is due, bringing this embarrassment to the door of his house.

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