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Ogbe Ika: You have to sacrifice yourself to get what you want in this life

Orula in Ogbe Ika

The goat lived quietly in her house in the mountains, she dreamed of being bigger because she did not feel satisfied with her height.

One day he went to visit orunmila for him to help her get her wish.

Pataki where the goat fails to fulfill its wish for lazy

Orula, who knew his wishes, registered it by marking the performance of an ebbó so that the goat could feel happy.

She left for her home in order to find everything she needed to perform the ebbó.

The elephant who worked in the goat's house, seeing her arrive so pleased, asked her where she came from.

The goat told him that he had gone to see Orula so that he could help him, the elephant then thought that he also needed help so he went to see the oracle.

The fortune teller Orula marks ebbó and asks to follow the advice that Ifá

Orunmila with great pleasure helped the elephant who was marked by the performance of an ebbó similar to that of the goat.

He collected everything he needed to carry out the ceremony and invited the goat to go together to the fortune-teller's house.

She was tired and very lazy so she asked the elephant to do the ebbo for both of them.

In this way the elephant left for Orula's house and the ebbó was performed, the soothsayer covered it with a white sheet and began to perform some chants and the elephant grew as much as he wanted, becoming tall and strong.

Greatness is achieved with effort and sacrifice!

The soothsayer told the elephant that he had already fulfilled his wish and from that moment on he had to magnify the word of Ifá, making himself deserving of respect, preventing any other animal from enslaving him.

The elephant took his ebbó and left, on the way he met Eleggua who advised him to follow to the letter the advice that Ifá had provided him.

When he arrived at the goat's house, she was surprised to see him because inside it was what she had also dreamed of having and sadly she went to her room thinking that if she had not been lazy she would have obtained what she wanted.

From that day on the elephant was free and never again worked for any other animal.

Becoming the center of attention of all meetings as no living being on earth was as big and sturdy as he.

Fact that made him worthy of the admiration and respect of all

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