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In Ogbe Osa there is only room for a single King and the traitor falls into the trap

Orula in Ogbe Osa

The pataki belonging to the sign Ogbe Osa relates that in a Yoruba town two kings ruled at the same time, one was orunmila and its opposite was the ram.

Orula who had been blessed by Olodumare with the gift of divination possessed the largest number of faithful, while the other king did not enjoy the same fate.

Pataki where Orula and the ram were enemies. He who does evil falls into his own trap!

The ram seeing such a situation felt jealous of his opponent, so he decided to execute a plan to subtly get rid of him.

He left for the mountains to carry out his invention, for this he dug a large hole in the ground into which he inserted some logs and set them on fire.

Later covering this with leaves and straw to camouflage the trap with which it would harm Orula.

The king went in search of Orunmila to accompany himañaHe went to the mountain, because this, according to him, was the perfect place to clarify their differences because in that town there should be only one king.

Orula makes ebbó and Ifá warns him of his enemy's trap

When the ram withdrew, Orula, who doubted his intentions, performed an ebbó to get rid of all the osogbos that his opponent desired him.  

to the mañaThe next day Orula left for the mountain in search of the ram, carrying the ebbo with him. After a long journey without finding any clues about his enemy, the great fortune teller sat down on a trunk to rest.

He saw smoke in the distance, so he cautiously approached where it came from.

With the help of his cane, he carefully removed the leaves and straw from a hole, noticing the presence of flames inside.

He quickly thought that this was the trap that Ifa had warned him about so he threw the ebbó on the embers.

The traitor makes his own misfortune ...

The ram that was watching him in silence, realizing that Orula had discovered his intentions, wanted to push him treacherously into the hole.

Fact that prevented oshosi, who captured the ram on the spot. 

Orunmila felt a noise behind him and when he turned around he saw Oshosi grabbing the ram, he asked the fortune teller to give it to him.

The Ifá oracle had no objection to Oshosi's request because the ram had betrayed him.

The hunter Orisha, who had come from hunting, felt hungry so he took advantage of the ram's own trap to cook it.

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