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How did the fortune teller Orula manage to convince Olofi to live on Earth?

Orula Ogbe Osa

orunmila she wanted to go down to earth and spend time with her children, but she knew that getting that permission with Olofin would be very difficult for her.

For this reason he took his board and his ékuele and consulted himself, leaving him Ogbe Osa, for this odun Ifá he recommended the fortune teller to make three offerings to the Orisha to earn his benefits.

Pataki where Orula in Ogbe Osa offered Olofin three chickens

Then Orula began to think what he could offer Olofin to obtain his permission.

Question that was very difficult to decipher since the Orisha lived surrounded by luxuries, while he did not have more than three chickens in his yard.

The Ifá oracle came down to earth and when he reached it he felt well received by his descendants.

He remained calm, enjoying the peace that a life without pressure brought him, and after a month of his stay Olofin sent for him.

Be in place sent him a white hen and asked him to let him stay one more month on earth, a request to which Olofin agreed.

The oracle promises Olofi to fulfill his destiny from earth

In this way Orunmila continued to live peacefully on earth and when three months of his stay were completed, Olofin again requested his presence in the kingdom of heaven.

Orula in response to what happened decided to send him a second hen, being this painted.

When Olofin saw her, he was amazed by the beauty of her plumage and agreed to the request of the Ifá fortune-teller, letting him live with his children.

A year after Orula was on earth, Olofin made him a third call demanding that he return to heaven, the oracle sent him his last chicken.

This was completely black, with this gift Orula attached a note to Olofin in which she asked him to live permanently on earth for having found a home there with his children who worshiped him.

Then he promised from his new position to fulfill all the duties that the Supreme Orisha entrusted to him.

Orula is the great counselor of humanity, guide of human beings

Since that day Orunmila lives on earth carrying the word of Ifá and the Yoruba religion aloft.

This, through its board and other attributes guides humanity towards a better future, the signs of Ifá and its patakis are the warnings and advice that it gives to man so that he can emerge unscathed from adversity.

The black hen which was the last gift that Olofin received became the fortune teller's favorite food, in homage to the role it played in his stay on the earth plane.

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