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Orula advises in Ogbe Otura: Never be ambitious and everything will be left over!

Orula Ogbe Otura

Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá one afternoon he was walking through his hometown carrying his board under his arm.

At that time, this piece, so important for the interpretation of the word of Ifá, was made from beef liver, so the Oluo was looking for a representation in wood of such a sacred animal to symbolize the Yoruba religion and its doctrines.

Pataki where Orula rewards generosity with Ashé and abundance

In the middle of his journey, he came across a merchant who was carrying multiple wooden figurines, including one that contained all the details that he was needing.

Then Orula asked the seller its price, this saddened replied that he was offering it for seventy-five pesos.

The oracle refuted the offer by telling him that he would give her only what he had, which was forty-five pesos.

The merchant was not very satisfied with Orunmila's proposal, he raised his arms to the sky and exclaimed, the seller thought that Orunmila was cheating him, because forty-five pesos was very little value for such a fine statuette.

After a long discussion, the merchant decided to give the statue to Orunmila, who was surprised took the gift and put it in one of his pockets.

Looking fixedly at the seller, the wise Orula expressed:

You have been very kind to me despite needing the money for the statuette, you agreed to give it to me selflessly and for that I am very grateful, now it is my turn to reward your behavior.

Just as I could accept your gift, you must accept mine.

Then the fortune-teller took out of his pocket forty-five gold coins and gave them to the seller, saying:

Use this money in something productive, be charitable, never be ambitious and everything will be left over.

Orunmila's teaching in the Ogbe Otura sign

With this action Orunmila gave a great teaching to the people showing that in life it is better to give than to have to receive.

Leaving very high that good deeds always bring a reward whether of peace, health, love or something material, although the latter is not as important as comforting in the spiritual, which in the long run is the only food that nourishes the soul of human beings who act with faith doing the good to their fellow men.

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