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Orula, an Orisha who is never wrong "the oracle does not lie"

orula orisha

The word Orumila is an extension of the word Olodumare, the latter being one of the three supreme deities of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Olodumare is accompaniedañaOlofin and Olorun, then Orumila follows hierarchically.

How does Orula manifest his power in the Yoruba Religion?

  • Orula is the Great Fortune Teller of Ifá, the Orisha who knows everything,
  • is in charge of predicting the future of human beings and their main benefactor,
  • This Orisha represents wisdom, he was one of the witnesses that Olodumare summoned for the creation of the world. 

Before the souls arrive on earth to be reborn, Orula listens to their story, that is why she knows perfectly the secrets of humanity.

The colors of Orunmila in the Osha and their meaning

It is represented through the colors green and yellow, tones reflected in their outfits, necklace and ildé.

In some regions of Africa, the beads used in their bracelet are green and brown, shades that represent life and death.

  • Green beads represent the fresh leaves, while the brown ones dry leaves personify.
  • Other authors refer that the green symbolizes nature and coffee the land in which we were born

The orisha diviner who is never wrong: Orula

Orunmila is an Orisha who is never wrong, mistakes are made by the man who is not able to correctly interpret his teachings and warnings, the oracle does not lie, through the odunes of Ifá this Orisha advises the religious so that he knows how to dodge and get up from the blows of life.

Orula is the only Orisha who made a pact with Ikú (death), in which she would respect the lives of all her children as long as they carried Orula's ildé in their left hand, hence the importance of the religious using their ilde .

Among the virtues of Orula are wisdom and intelligence, it is common to read in the pataki (Yoruba legends) as the oracle making use of his cunning, he is able to come out unscathed from every adversity that comes his way.

Orumila makes use of natural resources to defend herself and her children, among her attributes are the board, the ékule, the irofa, the iruke and the ikines.

  • The date on which Orumila is celebrated It is October 4 (syncretism with Saint Francis of Assisi), the day on which all religious in Cuba and the world celebrate and pay fair homage to the wisest Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon.

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