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Curiosities about Orula in Santeria: The great fortune teller and its meaning

Orula santeria meaning

Orunmila is the wisest saint that exists on the Yoruba land, so much so that from his modest position he has been summoned to advise Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare.

He is considered the main intercessor of man before the supreme Orishas, ​​advocating for more flexible punishments imposed on the human race for their socially incorrect behaviors.

Orula provides special protection to the women and the elderly whom it protects with devotion.

Orula is the only Orisha capable of knowing the present, the past and the future

In the Yoruba pantheon Orula is the only Orisha capable of knowing the present, the past and the future of man, being empowered to offer advice that will lead his way to a more prosperous destiny.

The great Oracle of Ifá has healing secrets based on the use of medicinal plants.

From his board he is in charge of supervising that life on earth follows a harmonious and coherent course between births and deaths.

The Oracle of Ifá to perform its divinatory functions relies on:

  • The ekuele,
  • the iruke and
  • the board.

They are green and yellow are the shades of Orula

Green and yellow are the colors through which Orula is represented.

  • Green symbolizes plants and hope and
  • yellow embodies the abundance of wheat and gold and the light coming from the star king.

The meaning of the representative numbers of the Great Ifa Diviner

Your lucky numbers are:

  • The four, digit that symbolizes the four cardinal points and the seasons of the year and
  • the sixteen, number that represents the odunes of Ifá.

Syncretism and celebration of the Orisha

  • His saints It is celebrated on the fourth of October and
  • the day of the week conducive to serve you is Sunday.

Orula is syncretized in the Catholic religion with Saint Francis of Assisi, a saint who won the affection of the people through his merciful acts.

Where is Orula placed in the house?

  • Do you know where Orula can live and where it shouldn't?

The great fortune teller must remain in a place in the house where he will not be disturbed and where no one has access to him, because this Orisha likes tranquility.

It's taboo found in places such as kitchens where there is excessive heat, in bedrooms or bathrooms where people undress, as this is considered a lack of respect for the deity.

This Orisha likes to live in a wooden container, a receptacle in which its power increases due to being in closer contact with nature.

When should the religious not touch Orula?

Orula should not be handled if:

  • The person is dirty
  • have had sexual contact or
  • the woman is having a menstrual period.

To appear before Orula, you must greet him with the following words:

Orula Iboru, Orula Iboya, Orula Ibosheshe.

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