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The Yoruba History of when Abita ambitioned to defeat Orula the Fortune Teller

Orula and Abita

Since the world was created existed Abita, evil entity that rejoiced in the damage and pain suffered by others.

Abita always held a grudge against orunmila Well, the great fortune teller of Ifá went around the world repairing the damage and disasters that it created, restoring happiness, health and luck to people, a reality that bothered the evil one a lot.

Pataki where Abita attacks Orula, the Oracle of Ifá

There was so much envy and hatred that Abita He felt for Orunmila who summoned all the sorcerers who followed his doctrines so that together they could create a plan that would serve to assassinate Orula.

After several days they created a powder capable of striking the fortune teller at the slightest contact with his person.

Orunmila, who was unaware of the plan that was being drawn up against him, decided to consult.

Ifá warned him of the dangers that his life was running by telling him through the outgoing odun that many enemies were gathered, elaborating a plan to destroy him.

Orula makes Ebbó and prepares a secret weapon against her enemies

So an ebbó was carried out and he took a series of precautions, preparing among so many things a secret weapon that would allow him to defend himself at the precise moment.

Which was taken out of the mountain with the help of Oggun because this tool is a plant capable of defeating its enemies just by touching them.

one mañana on the way Orula and Abita they found themselves starting to fight on the spot.

Suddenly in an oversight of Orula, Abita he blew the dust that he had prepared with the help of his henchmen, falling to the ground collapsed the oracle of Ifa.

Abita He felt great satisfaction when he saw what happened and with the help of his followers they carried Orula to a hut in the town.

Once there they began to teach everyone how, thanks to them, Orula lay lifeless on the table.

Abita and all of Orula's enemies are defeated with a powerful tool

Among so much joy for his victory Abita He ordered to place a permanent guard next to Orunmila, because even after his death he feared him.

Leaving the clear orders that if Orula miraculously got up they would not be able to let him reach his board, because if this happened he would notify the Irunmoles of Olodumare of what happened and they would come to rescue him.

What they did not know was that Orula was not dead, but had momentarily lost consciousness because his ebbo had freed him from the fulminating power of the dust of Abita.

At the precise moment the great diviner of Ifá got up from the table and taking a branch of Pomarrosa, he defeated his enemies just by touching them.

Entonces Abita He understood the greatness of Orula, which had led him to be the main of the Orishas.

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