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Patakí: The Letter of the Year that no one fulfilled except Orula

Orula and the letter of the year

Constitution and the wise Orisha, orunmila, have a broad bond as those who represent the Supreme God Olodumare on Earth and communicate their decisions. They unite in the creation of man and his actions on Earth.

The children of Orula, are the babalawos, Olofin witnesses that transmit and establish an intrinsic connection between deities and men.

Orunmila is the soothsayer, the counselor, who symbolizes renewal, transmutation, change, the mysterious, and, above all, history and wisdom.

Yoruba legends say that when Olofin created the existence of the universe, Orunmila was there as a witness to everything that would exist.

To Orula, Olofin's helper as benefactor of humanity and maker of a great work in the service of Ifá, the Creator allowed him to witness how he breathed the breath of life into the bodies made of clay by Obbatalá.

That is why Orula is the counselor who consults people and intervenes in destiny, even if it is the most adverse to help, guide and warn about the vicissitudes of life.

Orula's story at the opening ceremony of the year

This Pataki tells us that one fine day the great Olofin sent for the Orishas for the opening ceremony of the year and they all attended elegantly dressed waiting for a new beginning full of challenges, opportunities and happiness.

But the soothsayer Orula, who arrived last, attended the festivities in work clothes and with four yams in hand. Seeing him like this, the other Orishas began to comment and mock the wise fortune teller.

Orula's humble decision it was correct

However, when the lyrics for that year came out, it said that food would soon be lacking and that life would change for everyone.

But since at that time the Orishas were having a good time and everyone had wealth, they forgot the warning and began to spend the resources without concern, completely ignoring the letter of lack of abundance that had been marked.

But the letter of the year was fulfilled and there came a time of severe economic difficulties for all.

So they had to ask Orula for food, who was the only foresight who planted the yams to prepare for times of scarcity. The fortune teller did manage to have food all year round, because he did not ignore the word of God and followed the advice that had been given.

A great lesson that we must all learn, the prohibitions, advice and warnings that are indicated in the Yoruba religion must be followed and respected, because their word is sacred and should never be ignored.

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