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How did the Lines of the Hands arise for the Yorubas?

Orula and the Lines of the Hands

On a certain occasion orunmila he received into his home an oba who ruled in the land of Ika.

He went to Ifá because he had many problems in his kingdom, where he was continually besieged with calumnies and recriminations towards his person.

Pataki where the Oba does NOT do the ebbó marked by Orula

For this reason, Orula registered it by marking the performance of an ebbó, a ceremony that would spiritually help him to clear his name, a work that was not carried out at the time marked by referring to the need to return to his land as soon as possible.

After a few days Orula, who was visiting Ika, went for a walk, finding a banana plantation in the middle of the road.

He took out his knife and cut a bunch of banana, quickly a voice in the distance accused him of having taken what did not belong to him.

Orula trying to escape cut her hands with the knife leaving a short trail of blood in her wake.

Orula is saved from osogbo with the help of Eleguá and the spirits

The owner of the plantation went to complain to the Oba because he said that a man had tried to rob him and that he would be able to recognize him because he had cut off his hands on the spot.

The Oba gathered all the people of the town in the square to inform them that anyone with wounded hands would be executed as a thief.

When Orumila saw that the osogbo that was chasing the Oba had rebounded, he practiced the ebbó that had marked him.

Summoning to his aid the great spirits that lived in the celestial bodies already Eleggua to help him undo the misunderstanding.

These spirits accompanyañaThey took Elegguá to the banana plantation, because the little Orisha had offered to carry Orumila's ebbo to his destination.

And later they wounded each citizen of the town in both hands, including the Oba, thus completing the ebbó.

Lines are born in the palms of the hands for all Men on Earth

to the mañaNext time when everyone woke up they realized the novelty that had happened.

Then Orula clarified to the city that there had been no robbery and that a culprit could not be found since all the citizens had wounds on their hands.

AñaHe gave his speech that from that moment on all individuals born from him would possess those marks, thus arising for the Yorubas the existence of the lines present on the palms of the hands.

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