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Why does the sage Orula punish the rainbow to live on earth? ≫ Pataki

Orula and Malé

The rainbow is one of the revered natural energies of the Yoruba religion. It is closely associated with Oyá, queen of the sparkle and the storm, who wears in her wardrobe the nine colors of that element of nature.

The rainbow is also linked to numerous Yoruba patakíes that include it as a powerful energy.

In some of them, he stars in the stories with orula, the wise and righteous Orisha, representation of wisdom and reason, good decisions, factors in favor and everything related to the destiny of men on earth.

Orula is the great benefactor of humanity and its main adviser, always making the best decisions to act in the fairest way and favoring men.

It is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle and the one who reveals the future through the secret of Ifá.

Orula, is also known as Orunmila, and not only influences the fate of the Earth and all those who have their home here, but through divinatory methods it allows the communication of men with the Orishas, ​​providing justice, help and protection.

It is this wise man who decided to teach the rainbow a lesson one day.

Pataki, the story of the wise Orula and Malé

Tell this story, that Male the rainbowHe came down from heaven every night to eat from the crops of men and he swallowed so much that he left scarce the rations of the families that cultivated the fields.

One of the crops it affected was that of Orula, to which he descended every night from the sky by a rope, to feast on the food that had been grown to feed the family of the sage Orisha.

Aware Orula of Malé's incursions, he decided to take justice and prevent his crops from being lost.

So he did ebbó (cleaning) with a bottle of otí (rum), food of all kinds and a machete and consulted with his divining board the best way to get rid of the unwanted visitor.

The punishment of the rainbow, condemned to live on earth

Orula brought everything he had prepared to his farm. Soon Malé came, and ate and drank all that the wise orisha had put in until he was tired.

And then he felt so full that he decided to rest a little bit in order to leave right away, but he fell asleep soundly.

That is how Orula found it and took advantage of it and cut the rope with the machete. When the rainbow woke up, it was already daylight and he repented, he made pleas to heaven asking for forgiveness, but it was too late and he could not return.

Since then Malé, the rainbow, lives on Earth, although hidden from men and Orula. It is only revealed when the rain and the sun come together.

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