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Nobody eng Orulaaña, his cunning defeated Ogun ≫ Patakí

Orula and Ogún

orula, the Orisha diviner, is the most lively intelligence and cunning without equal. no one can engañarlo, because he is considered the first prophet of the world, sent by Olodumare the Supreme God to control the evolution of all his creations.

Orula or Orunmila, the Orisha of divination, can advise both Orishas and men, but no one should challenge him, as he will suffer the consequences.

And it is that Orula controls the supreme oracle and reveals the future through the secret of Ifá. Only he allows, through divinatory methods, deities and humans to know what is to come and what is the best way to face it.

If someone does not listen to their advice they can be victims of the Osogbos sent by Eshu and suffer fatal problems. For this reason, the santeros always reiterate the need not to insult or anger Orula.

Pataki by Orula and Ogún, for the love of Oshún

This pataki tells that Ogun, king of metals, was enraged with the soothsayer Orula, because of Oshun, the beautiful Orisha owner of femininity and sweetness, who had abandoned him to go live with the sage.

Ogun could not control tooaña rage, so he met with several of his children and ordered them to burn Orula's house.

He told them that the soothsayer's abode would be easy to identify since it was the only one in town that had a rooster tied up in the yard.

orula consult the oracle

But Orula had consulted Ifá and had registered the luck with his board. Thus, the oracle had advised him to release the rooster, which he did without delay because the word of Ifá never fails.

The rooster, very happy to feel free, was flitting around the rooftops, until it fell right at Ogun's house and began to peck in the yard.

Thus, the brave sons of the Orisha of metals, seeing him there, believed that it was the house they had been ordered to destroy and without thinking too much about it, they set it on fire.

Ogun was doubly mocked for wanting to engañar to the wise Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon.

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