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How Orula and the Orishas accomplices engañan the God Olodumare?

Orula and olodumare

orunmila the great Oracle of Ifá as a great lover of gambling, he once challenged Olodumare, citing that he would be able to show her that roasted corn germinated.

Olodumare was convinced that it was madness to make such a hypothesis since the roasted corn had lost its ability to reappear due to the cooking processes.

For this reason, he accepted the challenge proposed by Orula, feeling from the first moment the winner of the dispute.

Elegguá and Shango, the fortuneteller's accomplices in the bet

The fortune-teller Orisha was aware of the absurdity of his approach, so he called on Elegguá and Kawó Silé to help him win over the bet thrown.

It would be the first time that a saint dared to play a trick on Olodumare, so the plan had to go perfectly without the possibility of a margin of errors.

The three deities agreed to work as a team for a greater good, to obtain from Olodumare a large reward, which the deity had offered as payment in case of losing the bet.

On the agreed day Orula went to the field with his backpack full of toasted corn and in the presence of Olodumare he proceeded to sow it as they had agreed.

Later both deities prepared during the day to watch over the sowing from the palace of Olodumare.

Orula's trap for engañar to the Supreme God

That night while everyone was sleeping Eleggua y Shango Those who were accomplices of Orula substituted the roasted corn for corn in optimum condition, which would be able to sprout perfectly, with hardly any trace of the work done.

As the days went by, Olodumare proposed to Orula to visit the plantation to see the fruit of the harvest that he assured would be null, so they undertook a very short trip to the field, but full of surprises.

Olodumare pays the debt promised to the Oracle of Ifá

What would be his amazement because when he reached the eastern field he found himself adorned with small green shoots, which augured the rise of toasted corn, despite the absurdity of the situation.

Olodumare was stunned, he couldn't believe his eyes.

He was not able to find a rational explanation for such an event, which until a few minutes ago seemed impossible to happen.

It was then that he was forced to keep his word and pay off the debt he owed to Orula.

This large payment was later distributed equally among the three accomplices Elegguá, Shangó and Orula.

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