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Did you know that Orula witnessed the first breath of life for men?

Orula and Olofin

Constitution is the version of Olodumare that was linked to the creation of man. It is before him that our conduct on earth goes to trial, responsible for all heads and things that exist in the universe.

It is the superior deity who has power over the orishas and is the head of things that are directly related to Olodumare on earth. To perform any act, the orishas are required to have Olofi's approval.

On the other hand, orunmila u Orula, is an Orisha, the soothsayer, the counselor, who symbolizes renewal, transmutation, change, the mysterious, is the benefactor of humanity. The children of Orula, are the babalawos, witnesses of Olofi.

Olofin and the wise Orisha Orula, unite in the creation of man and actions on Earth. While Olofin is the manifestation on Earth of the higher Deity, the one who speaks on his behalf, bestows and agrees, Orula, is his main advisor.

And it is that Ifá states that when Olofin created the existence of the universe, Orunmila was there as a witness to everything that would exist.

Pataki: Orula, the witness of Olofin

This patakí tells that when the great father Orisha Obatala concluded the creation of the first man, Olofin, the representation of Olodumare on Earth, the Creator, summoned all the orishas to be present at the ceremony of giving the vital breath to those who would populate it and make it their home.

All the deities prepared to go to tamaña ceremony. Being all present, Olofin arrived and with respect, they knelt and bowed their heads at that sacred moment, so they could not really see what was happening.

Orula and his intervention in the creation of man

But as the main diviner and benefactor of humanity, Orunmila or Orula, whom Olofin took as an assistant and adviser for his reputed seriousness and wisdom, and for his great work at the service of Ifá, he could see how Olofin put the Eledá in Orí, or He breathed the breath of life into the bodies made of clay by Obbatalá.

When the ceremony had concluded, all the Orishas celebrated the event and then Olofin ruled:

"Only Orula witnessed the action that I have carried out, so when the man wants to know his Eledá, he will be in charge of communicating it."

That is why Orula is the one who consults people to find their destiny and know their future actions and the babalawos are their representation before Ifá.

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