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Pataki ≫ Love story between the Goddess Oshún and the fortune teller Orunmila

Orula and Oshún

At the beginning of time Orunmila He was a lonely man, who did not know love.

Constitution Realizing such a situation, he asked the great Ifa diviner why he was lonely, to which the oracle replied that he did not need love or extract it.añaba because I didn't know what it was like.

After hearing Orula's reasons, Olofin set out on a long path to his heavenly throne where he thoughtfully positioned himself for several days.

In search of Orula's love

When making his next visit to the land, Olofin went to the Ilé de Orunmila and proposed a deal, which consisted in helping him find true love, as long as he agreed, to which the oracle agreed.

At the consecutive dawn, Orunmila was sent by Olofin to a field of flowers to collect a few species to place inside his dwelling and it was precisely at this moment that he observed Oshun, the one that had been sent by the great father to the same field for the same purposes.

The meetings between the beautiful Oshún and Orula

Orula was impressed with the beauty of Oshún, but did not say anything to any Orisha about this meeting. A week passed and Olofin returned to earth, this time asking the fortune teller to take the same path to the field, but this time in search of piglet.

Olofin explained to the Orisha that he needed the piglet that was available in the center of the field, confident Orula, walked into the field, as the piglet grew thick and it was very difficult to see the ground well.

In his eagerness to position himself in the agreed place to obtain the plant, he carelessly slid down a muddy edge into a deep hole.

Hearing the roar and the pleas for help, Oshún the queen of honey bees went to the hole to help the victim.

What would be his surprise when he found Orunmila inside the hole, when he realized what was happening this very audaciously undressed and made a resistant rope with his garments, with the help of the rustic rope he saved the great fortune teller from the confinement in which he was.

The love between orishas

In gratitude Orula offered part of her clothes to Oshún and carried her in her arms to the town, where Olofin awaited her arrival.

When he saw him, he confessed that everything had been his plan, so that this Orisha knew the sacrifices that are made for love and how important a life partner is to face the hazards of destiny.

Plan that was unleashed in a beautiful love story between Oshún and Orunmila.

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