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How did Ozain give the power of the Herbs to Orula? ≫ The Pataki

Orula and Ozain

Long ago in a land, the Orisha Oggun, the iron god, had a yam plantation and fed everyone in that area.

When they least expected it, a great scourge of insects arrived and destroyed all the crops of those peasants. But all his habitaBefore they shouted to Oggun that they needed him to also set fire to their crops so that the epidemic would not reach them.

Ozain's herbs save and heal

So much fire caused that it spread and burned the entire plantation of healing herbs that the healer had Ozai, the owner of the mountain, with which he cured everyone.

Very soon suffering and famine began to arise in those lands. The Oshas then went to ask Ozain for his herbs to heal those people and also to be able to give the Ashé corresponding to their religious attributes, but Osain, very annoyed, told them no.

Orula gives the Ashé to the Ewes of Ozain

So they decided to resort to orula, the soothsayer and messenger of the word of Ifá to intercede with Ozain.

Before leaving, Orunmila makes Ebbó (cleaning) with Obi (coconut) chewed with Iyefá (Orula powder).

When he enters the mountain he does so by blowing his Ebbó and singing to the great Osain.

Osain del monte, upon hearing their songs, immediately came out and saw the fortune-teller and told him that he was very hurt by the lack of respect of those men whom he had always cured of their ailments and that he would only show them indulgence if Orunmila said Ashe.

Then Orunmila said "Ashé" and blow his Ebbo to the winds.

From that day on, Ozain decided that only Orula would have the great power to give Ashé to his herbs so that those ewes (herbs) would have the gift of healing and consecrating religious attributes.

Thus, soon all began to sow their lands for sustenance, due to the intervention of Orunmila.  

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