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Learn from the word of Orumila, his spirituality and tributes

orunmila the word

Orula is the benefactor of humanity and the one who intercedes before the other Orishas for men, his name means:

Heaven only knows who will be saved.

Among its purposes is to provide the religious with a path to follow in life through the odunes of Ifá.

Orula is the god of divination, wise by nature, as infinitely intelligent as a galaxy and capable of helping the needy without wanting anything in return.

Orumila's word is so solid that it never falls to the ground

  • orunmila represents the past, the present and the future, that is why he is aware of destiny.

The word of this Orisha is so solid that it never falls to the ground, Orula does not judge, is not wrong and does not promise, he simply gives each one what he is capable of deserving.

He does not hold a grudge against his children, but he is in charge of making them see their mistakes and pay for them.

Orumila is magic and nature together, he is a major Orisha, among his virtues is justice, so much so that he decided not to be crowned in the Osha, not to have privileges and see all men and women as his children.

The great oracle of Ifa embodies spirituality itself

Orula in the Yoruba religion embodies spirituality itself, her most powerful staff is Eggun (spirits).

Orumila eats black chickens and his main mission on earth is to generate well-being and prosperity in the world.

It is his power, the one that chooses the men who will carry his name high becoming his disciples through Ifá, being Babalawo is a distinction that this Orisha offers so that the Ifá priest guides his religious people on the right path.

Some of the sacred herbs of Orula are:

  • the archdeacon,
  • the olive,
  • the astronomy,
  • the copey and
  • the cundiamor

This last ewe (grass) is used by the diviner to perform unification rituals.

Olofin told Orumila to instruct the man

It was the great Olofin who told Orula to instruct man in order to overcome misfortune and adversity, that is why it is important to pay attention to the advice received in Itá.

Important: Orula lives in a wooden container, it is important that no person other than you or your godfather has access to it.

What can you offer Orumila as a tribute?

His holiday is celebrated on october 4 every year, at which time you can honor him by offering him:

  • Cider,
  • flowers,
  • shrimp,
  • candles,
  • fruits and
  • sweet.

When you attribute the latter, you must taste them in their presence to demonstrate your loyalty and so that the Ifá oracle confirms that the food does not have poison and accepts it.

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