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Ogbe Otrupon: Olofin blessed Orunmila's hands with Ashe to heal

Orunmila in Ogbe Otrupon

Constitution He summoned the Orishas in his palace in order to hand them the responsibility of accomplishing a great task.

The one that consisted of transporting an important group of children to earth, indicating to each deity the care of the little ones.

Between heaven and earth there was an immense abyss.

Pataki where Olofi rewards the intelligence and ability of the Ifá Oracle

Kawo Silé Those who were not afraid of danger took their proteges and threw themselves into the terrestrial plane, but when they arrived, all the children slipped from their hands and died after the hard impact.

The same fact was happening with each Orisha who undertook the destiny marked by Olofin.

orunmila When seeing what happened with their peers, they consulted in order to find an alternative to take the children safely to their destination.

Ifá marked him to do ebbó with animals and once this was fulfilled he met with Olofin and told him that in a period of sixteen days he would finish lowering all the little ones.

Orula consults Ifá to fulfill Olofi's mandate

Then Orunmila took a cloth and tied it to his back and took another and tied it to his chest and placed the children on them and little by little he lowered them until they were safely delivered to their destinations.

Olofin, who had closely observed Orunmila's strategy, was surprised to see his intelligence and ability to fulfill his duty so successfully, so he expressed great admiration for him.

In return for his success, Olofin blessed the hands of the Ifá Oracle with Ashe, giving him the power to heal human beings.

And the authority that each of the Orishas should consult him before undertaking any undertaking, no matter how small or large, in order to obtain his approval.

Ifá Tips for Ogbe Otrupon

  • In Ogbe Otrupon the power of intelligence is born over brute force.

It is an odun in which the family must be cared for, especially children who may be exposed to being victims of dangers.

It is a letter where changes and the arrival of new plans and purposes are announced, so the person must become ebbo if he wants to be victorious.

In Ogbe Otrupon, the individual stands out above his peers for his ability to function in life and seek solutions to the problems that arise.

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