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The Daughters of Oshún are the Apetebí of Orunmila ► Know the History

Orunmila and Oshún

Oshún, the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon she was withered because all the eyes of human beings fell on her person.

Eleggua Noticing her sad one day, he advised her to do ebbo so that in this way she would cleanse her astrality and attract great luck that came her way.

Pataki where Oshún saved Orunmila from death

The owner of the honey, following his advice, set out for this purpose, so she went to a field planted with Bledo to prepare a cleaning with its branches.

orunmila who was also behind schedule, had attended the Bledo camp to collect this herb, which was to be used in a bath that had to be practiced.

In the midst of all this work Orunmila fell into a hole wounding both legs, in the midst of so much silence Oshún heard that someone was asking for help and he went to see who could provide his services.

Then the saint took off her clothes and made a strong rope to carry Orula.

With much work he managed to get it out of the hole, thus saving the life of the fortune teller.

After healing his wounds, Oshún calmly took Orunmila home.

Orunmila declares the Goddess Oshún “his apetebi”

The people, seeing them embraced, began to murmur, then Orula, who needed to clear Oshún's name, clarified everything and as a reward for his help, the fortune-teller granted him the honor of being his appetite.

Hence the famous phrase that says that:

The daughters of Oshún are the apetebí of Orunmila.

The great blessing of Oshún in the Osha

For this reason, in all the houses where an Ifá ceremony is carried out, a daughter of Oshún is invited to give her blessing and thus respect the word of the great fortune teller.

Orula in gratitude to Oshún's good deed decided to add the color yellow to all his representations.

This is why this hue is reflected in his clothes, flowers, ildé and necklace, to show the world how present this Orisha has to the owner of the honey.

In the same way, other Ifá odunes relate that Oshún always accompaniesaña to Orunmila during all his tasks advising him and supporting him in the face of adversity.

It is not uncommon to think then that this is the saint with the most pacts established within the Yoruba Religion and who always asks for her opinion before making decisive decisions.

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