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In Ogbe Osa, Osain del Monte ate monkey Divine Justice!

Osain in Ogbe Osa

Edun word that identifies the monkey in Yoruba, lived eager to eat peanuts.

Near his house a farmer worked the fields where this grain grew, but as he was a very jealous man, he did not allow anyone to break into his crops.

Pataki where Edun he did not keep his word and paid for his fault

The monkey spent his days watching over the peasant and, realizing that he would not achieve his goal alone, decided to turn to the jicotea to help him.

She agreed by asking only to receive some peanuts in exchange for her services.

The next day the less-fast jicotea was in charge of keeping an eye on the farmer while the monkey sneaked through the peanut plants.

When Edun filled the sack with peanuts, he fled without looking back, leaving aside his agreement with the jicotea.

This enraged returned home and as she was wise and older she sat down to wait for time to pass because she knew that sooner or later the monkey would pay her for the damages caused.

When you are betrayed, take patience and wait for justice to come

El Edun continued his life and every time he saw the jicotea he would turn his back on it.

Displants that she was patiently ignoring until the moment her actions stopped affecting her.

The weeks passed and the jicotea continued to do her usual chores and as this was a sorceress she often consulted those who knocked on her door for help.

The leopard visited her one day requesting her services, claiming to be very distressed because her only son was seriously ill and no one had been able to heal him until then.

The jicotea when evaluating the situation went to see osain to intervene for the son of the leopard.

He told them that in order to save the little boy they had to bring him a cunning animal as a sacrifice.

With the sacrifice of Edun great wars are won

Then the leopard went hunting in the bush and found the monkey swinging on a branch and with a single claw he knocked it down, bringing it before Osain to be sacrificed.

In this way, divine justice was poured out on the monkey and paid for his fault at the moment when he least expected it.

Osain the Orisha owner of the herbs of the mountain was pleased with the sacrifice made and as a result of this event the tradition of sacrificing monkey to the secret of Osain was born when the religious must overcome great wars.

  • Yoruba secret that came to life in the sign of Ifá Ogbe Osa.

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