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The combat between Osain and Orula By making Ebbó the enemy is annihilated!

Osain and Orunmila

osain He is one of the most surprising Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, he has the knowledge of each plant of the mountain, he knows how to use them to heal, at the same time he knows the secrets that make them dangerous combat weapons within the practice of the dark arts .

As mentioned earlier for his vast knowledge of herbs, he was named as the deity of the Pharmacopoeia, exercising protection over:

  • the ozainists,
  • healers,
  • biologists and
  • pharmacists.

The Orisha who embodies nature is a willing tobacco user, as a joke he usually manifests himself before night owls to ask for a fire in order to light his tobacco.

Its color is green, a tone that links it to its own essence, which is none other than that of herbs.

He is a very powerful saint, through nature, powders and plants he is able to ward off death, who is afraid of his curses.  

Pataki: Osain does witchcraft to Orunmila

yoruba osain
Osain representation

The Orisha Osain arrived on the planet as a product of the womb of the earth who conceived it and gave birth to it like plants, granting it a special grace:

The secret of all the herbs of the mountain.

His virtue in the discipline of botany was so great that Olofin himself established the rule that no religious ceremony that required the use of herbs for its performance would be complete if it did not receive Osain's blessing first.

The magic powders of Osain del Monte

Osain, as a good warrior of the dark arts, loved to create magical powders and since he was jealous of Orunmila's fame, he began to test his creations with him, despite the fact that the great fortune-teller had never caused any misunderstanding with the Orisha of the mountain.  

Osain used to do witchcraft to orula continually, the oracle could not decipher from whom such damage came, but he was sure that the person who attacked him was very good at what he did, since he never left a trace of his misdeeds.

Orumila did not know what to do or how to defend himself so he decided to turn to Kawó Silé to help him discover his hidden enemy.

Orula discovers the identity of his enemy ...

Shango who was an accurate soothsayer advised Orula to do a job with twelve burning fuses and told him not to worry, that he himself with the candle of his rays was going to harm his enemy and then bring him before his feet.

The oracle began to do the ebbó meanwhile on Mount Osain it was collecting plants when suddenly it was burned by a ray of Shango and in this way Orula knew the true identity of its enemy.

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