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10 elements about Osain, Orisha of nature

yoruba osain

osain in the yoruba religion He is a wise Orisha, doctor and fortune teller, he is everything that surrounds us, the green, the nature. Some see it only in plants, but it really represents all natural resources and their secrets in their entirety.

Osain Features:

Let's now see 10 representative elements of this powerful Orisha:

1. Knowledge

osain He is a wise Orisha, knowledgeable of all plants, animals, and minerals. He is also a fortune teller and with all his knowledge he saves life and strengthens himself for war.

He is a doctor, owner and wise man of all the secrets of nature. Toast Ashé with its plants, take care of, protect and heal from the most terrible diseases with its divine remedies.

2. Imperfect physical

Legend has it that as a result of his confrontation with Shangoosain He was the victim of the wrath of the King of Thunder, which is why he is usually represented as a man with physical imperfections.

He has only one eye, only one leg, one arm, a large ear and a small one that is why he hears absolutely everything in the universe. But his wisdom makes him one of the most respected Orishas within the Yoruba cult, he is a doctor and savior of humanity.

3. Owner of the mountain

osain He is the absolute owner of the mountain and of the vegetation that is gathered there, he knows each herb and its power and uses them to do good and help the needs of men.

He takes refuge in the middle of the mountain, where he lives alone. The solitude of his life allowed him to dedicate himself to the study of the pharmacopoeia, this powerful sage lives among the undergrowth of the mountain and the wonders of nature.

4. Osainists, heirs to Ozain's legacy

To those to whom it is delivered osain they are called OssainistsThey are healers like their father, knowledgeable about all the properties of the Ewes (plants) and the sacred songs used to make the omieros (spiritual water of herbs) in the Yoko Osha (ceremony of becoming a saint).

The Ossainists they are bearers of their father's Ashé, they are also wise, possessors of Osain's legacy, they can be of both sexes, but in the case of women they must wait until menopause to receive it and participate in its ceremonies.

They are also the bearers of the secrets of the mountain, they heal and heal the world with their natural remedies and medicines.  

5. Main herbs of the Ossainists

Some of the main magical and spiritual herbs for the preparation of Omieros, amulets and spells used by the Ossainists are:

  • Rompezaraguey: Balances the energy charges of homes and protects against negative energies.
  • Pathfinder: For good luck, spiritual baths or offerings to Oshun.
  • Verbena: For offerings to Yemaya, in charms, and to fill yourself with positive energy.
  • Ruda: It scares away evil spirits and is used in powerful spoils.

6. Omiero's osain

In the cult of osain It is very important to make the Omiero, a sacred spiritual water that is made with various herbs, with healing, medicinal and spiritual properties, used on the Ifa path. 

For their preparation, songs and prayers are sung invoking the presence of osain, owner of the mountains and natural secrets. The ceremonies in all kinds of religious rituals are very important, through them the Ashé and the energies of the orishas is transmitted to heal and provide protection.

For the preparation of the omiero, herbs are used on behalf of each Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, each of them has special qualities and benefits capable of saving even from death and the worst diseases.

7. Attributes of osain

Its receptacle is a hanging güiro with four feathers, a jicotea carapace and clay jars indistinctly containing 3 mountain stones. He eats everything Shango eats, due to his legendary association with the king of lightning.

Its main attribute is the Marimbó made with tender palm guides or the center of these.

Among its secret cargoes we have:

  • land of the four corners, of bibijagüero (black wasp nest) and of the house,
  • dust from all hard sticks and rooster heads,
  • Animals such as quail, jicotea, talking birds and gorse,
  • filings of various metals.

Other elements such as precipitate, quicksilver, four hooks, bibijaguas, silver coins, gold, river water, wells, springs, streams, sea, etc.

8. The children of osain

The sons of the great osain they are balanced and mature and highly realistic and pragmatic.

They do not allow their emotions to influence their judgment of men and events. They are very intelligent and like to constantly investigate and inquire. They are very curious and wise people.

9. Edges for osain

The songs for Osain are extremely important in any ceremony of consecration and spiritual purification.

For example, in the ritual of Kariosha (become a saint), both 21 herbs and 21 suyeres must be implemented, which are usually accompanied byañatwo of some maracas that are sounded in order to make the omiero.

Then the songs of Osain invoke his presence and permission at the ceremony to bless the herbs to be used.

This is how it is called: Kuru kuru bete, Kuru kuru bete.

10. Osain Treaty

It is known as treatise of Osain to the compilation of all the knowledge of nature and to the sacred ancestral knowledge of the Ewes (herbs) used in Santeria.

This is included in an encyclopedic text called Osain Treaty, a must read for every Osainist.

This three-volume treatise establishes the characteristics of each of the herbs used in spiritual works, in addition to the prayers and prayers that must be pronounced for ceremonies and rituals.

This treatise hides many sacred secrets, which must be studied with respect and put into practice with great wisdom.

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