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Who is Oshagriñán? The wise old man who sees when no one can


oshagriñán also known as Osha Griñán is considered the son of Oduduwa and therefore heir to many of its powers. He is wise, knows the secret of the yam ashé and is a very powerful orisha.

Oshagriñán is considered to be a path of obbatala and one of the oldest. He is the messenger of the Creator Olofin and on his way he can be seen climbing the mountains.añayes He is a very peaceful old man who hates noise and trouble, and trembles from the cold and old age.

The owl represents it, because that animal symbolizes experience, discretion and wisdom.

And it is said that Oshagriñán is so wise, that "Go when no one can see".

The tools that belong to Oshagriñán

Oshagriñán supports his powers in the Orishas twins, the Ibeyis, hides from the air and walks with a crutch. Although when he is disturbed, he goes into a rage, throws them and charges them with his machete.

As a mighty Orisha warrior, we must show him our respect and devotion to help us and illuminate our path with his wisdom and experience.

Among its tools it carries:

  • 3 arrows in a quiver lined with white beads
  • 3 parrot feathers inside its tureen and 8 outside
  • a cane lined with white beads
  • a sword
  • a machete
  • a crooked handle
  • a very holy
  • a Yoreshoro on a horse with one leg raised
  • a wild boar tusk
  • a lion's fang
  • ivory
  • nacre
  • corals
  • a billiard ball

It also has this Obbatalá road, a consecrated Ifá board, an Orula iddé and a crystal ball to guess.

Characteristics of the Orisha Oshagriñán

oshagriñán He wears red and white, like one of the warrior paths of Obbatalá.

It's related to Oshanla the mother of light, who considers herself his wife and with Yewa the reckless warrior who owns the cemetery, was oshagriñán who brought order to the world through his son Oguiniyán.

Among all the actions for which es recognized within the Osha, is it so:

  • for giving Orunmila the secret of extracting ashé or yefá from yams
  • For removing the feathers from the vulture's head
  • For inventing spear

There are many who consider him a warrior who lives at the foot of the trees and the father of Shango, orunmila, Obatalá Ayágguna and Babalu Aye, a really powerful Orisha.

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