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Who is Oshanlá? The Orisha of Light that weaves the destiny of the Yorubas

Oshanla orisha

Oshanla She is the deity in charge of protecting humans, her name means Great Orisha.

She is one of the oldest mothers that habitan the Yoruba Pantheon, it was created by Olodumare.

This Orisha is believed to be a feminine path of Obatala, other religious houses venerate her as an independent deity.

She is the ruler of the Light, which is why you should not live in the dark. She is very powerful, she is characterized by being overprotective with her children, whom she tirelessly protects.

  • Her necklace It is made with white and ivory beads, this material being its most representative natural element.
  • Their children They tend to comb gray hair at an early age, they should be moderate in the consumption of alcohol, oil, salt and sugar in order to avoid metabolic diseases to which they are prone.

Representation of Oshanlá, ancestral orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon

Oshanlá is an Orisha who is represented as an old woman with totally white hair who weaves the destiny of men sitting on her balance.

She wears glasses to clearly see the threads she weaves and always carries a blanket over her to protect her from the cold.

Some stories depict her as a blind person.   

Offerings for this mighty Orisha

To this deity are offered:

  • Some knitting needles,
  • mother of pearl ornaments,
  • spools of yarn,
  • thimbles,
  • pair of scissors,
  • glasses,
  • cotton,
  • ivory and other items related to sewing and embroidery.

You can give him a miniature armchair which is placed in front of his tureen.

White flowers They are his favorites, they offer him sweets, the meringue being his favorite.

Its color representative is the white symbol of purity and clarity.

When we dedicate a prayer to him:

Two lighted candles are placed on her to beg her, a prayer that must be made in a low voice because she is an Orisha who likes calm, she is spoken in this tone of voice out of respect and not to exalt her.

Favorite Adimuses You Like:

Oshanlá receives numerous fruits such as soursop, coconut and custard apple, in addition:

  • The yam fufu,
  • the white animals,
  • the cornbreads,
  • the milk,
  • the egg white,
  • cocoa butter,
  • rice pudding without salt or cinnamon,
  • the tower of malanga puree and meringue are his favorite adimuses (offerings).

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Her ceremonial herbs in the Rule of Osha-Ifá

Among the holy herbs of the orisha Oshanlá we find:

  • The Bledo of clove,
  • the almond,
  • elderberry,
  • the bell,
  • the Carquesa,
  • the cotton,
  • the White Strenna,
  • the Higuereta,
  • the almond tree,
  • Soursop and
  • the Jagua Blanca among others.

These ewes (herbs) are used for spiritual cleansing baths, to defeat curses, to refresh the house and to perform holy omieros (spiritual water).

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