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4 Works with Oshanlá ≫ for mental health and development

oshanla orisha

The Orisha Oshanlá It is the only feminine path that exists among the avatars related to Obatala the holy owner of all heads.

This deity is characterized by being a worshiper of calm and silence, virtues that require that they rule the abode of their descendants.

It is identified with the color white, which is why its receptacle and its eleke (necklace) are of this tone.

Know powerful works under the blessing of the Orisha Oshanlá:

1. Coconut water gourd in front of the Orisha Oshanlá receptacle.

When the santero wishes to obtain peace, he places a gourd containing coconut water in front of Oshanlá's tureen.

Then, kneeling on the mat and with the premise of placing two lighted white candles, the religious invokes the saint through the sound of the agogo (bell) of Obatala, this being the opportune moment to pray for his health and that of his relatives.

2. Rogation with 2 coconuts and 2 candles at the foot of the Holy protector of peace.

There are no more effective works at the foot of the Orishas than those that are developed with simple elements.

A very famous work that can be done to the white saint is the placement of two white candles and two coconuts.

This adimú (offering) is carried out to obtain tranquility and in order to possess the necessary means to ask any question to the saint in moments of desperation and urgency, which may arise unexpectedly.

3. Cotton, cascarilla and cocoa butter inside your tureen.

Cocoa butter it is the ceremonial ingredient with which the tools of Oshanlá are refreshed.

Once they have been smeared with the oil stick, they can be covered with cascarilla and then covered with a large speck of white cotton.

This work is ideal for people who need calm and a seat in decision-making, ireses that come to the life of the religious at the hands of the protective deity of patience and respect within the Yoruba Pantheon.

4. Floral incense to receive the blessing of the deity Oshanlá.

Fragrances and incenses They are elements that please the African deity, especially those that are composed of white flowers such as lily and jasmine.

These scents bring peace, relaxation and good vibes to the home.

With this ritual, the saint purifies the bad energies of the house and gives the religious an astral purification, which takes on great importance in his spiritual field by allowing a harmonious relationship to be established between the protective spirits and the believer.

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