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Oshinshín for Oshún, the preferred Offering of the Goddess of love

Oshinshín for Oshún

A Oshun, the intensity of feelings, human sensuality, love and femininity. The offerings intended for her must be as intense as her qualities.

And it is that the Yoruba Goddess of love adores the riverbanks, the same to the quiet waters of the springs and the strong rapids that lead to the waterfalls.

Oshún also likes to protect pregnant women and women in labor from all evils and also loves to wear jewelry and shiny body ornaments that enhance their striking beauty.

And those who adore Oshún and show her their joy of living, will be able to approach her and ask for her blessings, because the goddess of love likes to help and support those in need.

For this reason, there are many who thank him daily with their favorite offerings, honey, oshinshin and sunflowers, thus showing him love and devotion and thanking him for life and the little things of every day.

The goddess enjoys the fidelity of her devotees and the offerings they make to her at any time and not only when she fulfills their wishes.

Ochinshín to entertain Oshún

The pumpkin, the honey, Oshinshin and sunflowers are the most powerful elements to lead an offering to Oshún and give thanks for his blessings.

What is the Ochinshin?

oshinshin, is Oshún's favorite food and is prepared with some special ingredients that delight the goddess of love.

The Iyawó (initiates in the Yoruba religion) before being crowned in the initiation ceremony, must go to the river and offer Oshinshin to Oshún to obtain his blessing, hence the importance of this offering.

What are the ingredients of Oshinshin?

These are the ingredients that are mixed to make the special food for the Oshún deity:

  • Chard
  • Shrimp
  • Butter or shortening
  • Caper
  • Onions
  • Olive oil
  • Eggs
  • Pepper

All the devotees of this powerful Orisha can deliver this beautiful offering, even the recipe varies in ingredients depending on the person who makes it. On the quantities you can make the one you prefer.

All the elements will then be placed in a gourd or white plate.

How is Oshinshín de Oshún prepared?

When preparing this meal, we must be clear about our devotion to the goddess of love and rivers and show her our fidelity and love at every step. This is how the Oshinshin:

  1. First we wash the ingredients
  2. Chop the chard into small pieces
  3. Peel the shrimp and fry them in a frying pan. añagiving it butter (some people don't peel it off).
  4. We also sauté the chard, the capers and the onion in the pan añagiving it butter or olive oil.
  5. Then añaWe gave the eggs and scrambled them with all the ingredients, leaving scrambled eggs.
  6. Se añaa little pepper.

El Oshinshin The finished one is placed on a plate or large gourd on a base of chard leaves.

Where is the offering taken?

This offering can be placed directly on the goddess, but she also likes to have it given to her as an adimú (offering) in the river.

Usually he stands in front of the orisha for a few hours giving her knowledge of the offering and then he is taken to the river. When the offering is taken to its waters it must be fresh, do not wait until it is spoiled or in poor condition.

It can also be done in the name of Oshún if this deity is not received.

Can I eat the Oshinshin?

Remember that this is an offering dedicated only to Oshún, it should not be made as food for everyone, but only for her.

Some people when they make this dish they taste the food so that the orisha does not get upset, while others consider that tasting it is not correct because it is an addimu only for the Orisha.

Religious elements such as corojo butter are also usually added, it all depends on how it is done, what the Orisha wants or how the person is used to offering it.

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