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In Ika Ejiogbe Oshosi hunted the snake to make Ebbo of evolution

Oshosi in Ika Ejiogbe

In this odun a snake lived with his wife, she was younger and more beautiful than her husband, so she drew the attention of her peers due to her colors and the drawings of her skin.

One day the young snake committed adultery and left home with a new love.

Pataki where the hunter Oshosi follows Orula's word

Her husband, very upset, swore to take revenge on his opponent and recover his partner, so with the help of his magic he transformed into a man and went out to meet oshosi, who was returning from the house of orunmila.

The Orisha had gone to visit the Ifá soothsayer to have him perform an ebbó in order to obtain prosperity, but to do so he required possessing the head of a serpent, an element that he had not yet found.

The snake turned into a man who was aware of the needs of the warrior, promised to give him the head he needed if he killed its owner to do so, a pact in which the hunter agreed.

Through a pact revenge was made and Orula was fulfilled

In this way they both left for the town, once they reached the square the man saw his wife in the distance.

So he told Oshosi to prepare his bow, but not to shoot the snake that had many drawings on its body, because this was his wife.

  • Directing him to direct his objective towards the other snake.

They patiently waited for them to be close enough not to miss the shot.

Oshosi shot the arrow and in a single attempt he hunted the viper, later the hunter obtained what he needed to perform the ebbó.

In the same way that his commander was satisfied with the death of his enemy, who went back home with his wife, after having taken the promised revenge.

It is said that the snake was so grateful to Oshosi that he still goes to his call when he needs it.

The man transformed into a serpent who possessed magical qualities blessed Oshosi for his brilliant prowess with weapons.

Then the hunter Orisha left for the house of Orunmila who performed the ceremony indicated by Ifá and in this way the warrior became prosperous, obtaining many profits for his services, fame and health.

Virtues that he decided to use entirely in charity work for the desperate who came to his door.

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