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How did Oshosi meet his father Obbatalá? This is the Yoruba story

Oshosi and Obbatalá

In the Yoruba religion, Oshosi is a vigilante warrior, the one who, with his weapons of power, the bow and arrow hunts the good and the bad to guide the religious on the right path.

In this history Oshosi was a great hunterBut since he had never met his parents, he thought that he did not have them and that since nobody had ever said anything to him, he assumed that he had not been born to anyone.

Pataki where Oshosi faced the power of the white father Obbatalá

A good day obbatala, the white father and guide of our thoughts in Osha, went to look for Oshosi disguised in deerskin, and put a mirror on his forehead and went into the thick of the forest.

Oshosi, who was always in the forest, suddenly hears a noise and when he sees a flash of light, he sees a deer and begins to shoot it.

But the more he shot the deer with his arrows, the less he could catch it.

Obbatalá begins to sing:

Bansemi Semi Bansemi Semi, Eke Eke Omo Eyaluko Egue Gui Omo Temi ...

In that song, Obbatalá told Oshosi that he had a father and that it was him.

More and more Obbatalá dressed as a deer approached Oshosi and he kept shooting arrows, but he never hit the mark.

When Obbatalá was very close to Oshosi, he looked up at him and dazzles his gaze with the mirror he wore on his forehead.

Oshosi kneels down, places his bow and arrow on the ground, and sings:

Bansemi Semi Boromi Romi Aruciko Kekiko Erosibaba Karere, Erosibaba Yaloko
Erosibaba Temini ...

Which is translated: I'm already beaten, I've already found my father.

And Obbatalá answers:

Even the leaves of the trees have a father and a mother, the earth is their mother and the water is their father, because both give life to the tree.

In this life no one is alone and we will always have someone to dominate us.

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