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Pataki ≫ Pact between Oshosi the great hunter and Oggún the owner of iron

Oshosi and Oggún

oshosi Greater deity in the Yoruba Pantheon is considered the best and most accurate of all hunters, there is no prey that his arrows and bow cannot catch, once they travel through the air, they arrive at their destination quickly and imminently.

Oshosi and Oggún consult Orula

There was a time when hunting this saint was very cumbersome because the vegetation of the bush became lush and dense, a fact that prevented his arrows from reaching the required destination, which is why the Orisha went to the abode of orula in order for the great fortune teller to provide him with the solution to his problems, recommending him to perform ebbó himself.

Oggun, the holy owner of iron suffered a bad resemblance to the one that tormented Oshosi because, although he was a skilled deity with a machete, the noise caused by the fall of the vegetation scared away his prey so it was very difficult to get food.

Oshosi and Oggún they were estranged, a product of which Eshu it had sown discord between them long ago. Oggún went to the foot of Orula in order to stop this situation, to which Orunmila indicated an ebbó similar to that of Oshosi.

It was thus that both Orishas entered the mountain in order to fulfill the task and put an end to their misery once and for all.

The warriors of the mountain together on the hunt

When they were face to face the situation became tense and they began to argue, suddenly in the middle of the dispute they saw in the distance an animal that because of the distance they could not pinpoint well, in silence and when they got a little closer they realized that it was a deer.

Taking advantage of the clear path that Oggún had opened with his machete, Oshosi launched one of his arrows, catching the prey in the act.

Enthusiastic and grateful to Orula for solving their problems, they decided to make peace and share the trapped animal in equal parts, demonstrating that teamwork is a source of success when each individual does their part in order to obtain a common good.

From that day and in the presence of Orula, both Orishas established an unbreakable pact in which they would cooperate together to obtain their goals, from that moment they are inseparable and form together with Eleggua, a powerful trilogy known as the holy warriors.

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