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Prayers, attentions and qualities of Ochosi «The righteous Warrior»

oshosi yoruba

Oshosi, is a deity of Yoruba mythology, seen as the hunter of the Ocha, the one who moves without being seen and who always saves from lies and injustices.

He is an Orisha who is associated with hunting and legal justice, and is also considered a warrior, because together with Elegguá, Oggún, and Osun, he is part of the group of the first warrior orishas who came to this earthly plane and those who open the paths of religion to the initiates.

It is considered a Major Orisha and its name is derived from ossósí, whose origin comes from the Yoruba religion, and is composed of two words the first is "bear”Whose meaning is brujo and the second word which is "whether”And this refers to someone who does his job, by what Ochosi means, who works with witchcraft and therefore, he is the one that makes things happen.

He is considered the Son of obbatala y Yemaya and his brothers are Shangó the king of fire, Oggún the owner of iron and Osain of the mountain and as we explained, he belongs to the group of Orisha Oddé, commonly called Los Guerreros.

For this reason, this great hunter is one of the first Orishas that any individual who wants to belong to the Yoruba religion receives.

Oshosi, the Hunter King of Ketu in yoruba religion

Oshosi Bow and Arrow

The Yoruba Patakìes say that Oshosi was king of Ketu, his ashé and vital energy remains in his thought, which is capable of reaching any place and time to capture what is necessary.

Other legends say that Ochosi asked Osain of the mount, that he would give him wisdom on all sticks, vines, trees, herbs and leaves of nature, and that for this reason he knows the ashé of plants and works through them sorcery and spells.

He is considered the best of hunters, and owner of a bow and arrows, a weapon that he uses continuously to hunt in the mountains of life. According to the legends, his aim is perfect and he always hits the target and as king, he protects the poor and weak, persecutes and punishes injustice.

Oshosi is always asked to do good!

Ochosi is a symbol of divine justiceTherefore, in Santeria, it is advisable never to ask him for anything that could be considered unfair, as it would be an affront against his principles. The believer who requests your help to do evil will be punished.

He is an Orisha who is normally represented as a man whose skin has been tanned by the sun and the wind, he is dressed in a combination of Elegguá and Oggún, with lilac or light purple colors.

In addition, he wears a tiger or leopard skin cap and carries on his back a quiver for his warrior tools, made of the same material as his cap and always carries a bow and arrow.

Characteristics that define the great hunter of Santeria

Ochosi is related to prison, justice and the persecuted, he is considered a magician and a sorcerer, so it is said that his thought is capable of moving anywhere or at any time and capturing or taking something.

Children of Oshosi:

Their children They usually have a primary personality, that is, they have a certain tendency to be nomadic and bohemian, they are people with quick and astute reflexes like their father, they are always aware of any opportunity that arises and they will certainly not let it escape.

Your Power Elements:

Ochosi has several tools of which we can mention:

  • the pot, which is like a kind of fryer where your tools are deposited
  • the attributes of this are hunting and fighting tools such as spears, arrows, bows, traps and rifles,
  • 1 sack of animal skin,
  • 2 metal dogs,
  • 1 hat made of fur,
  • some fishing attributes, hunting trophies, deer jars, a big arrow-shaped trident, 3 acofá, 1 mirror, 1 pestle, sword, machete, gunpowder, knife, 1 dove and 1 bird.

Ochosi is a lover of birds and knows them all, but his favorite is the parrot, which he cares for. He maintains a very close relationship with healers and doctors, and his dances represent the movements of the hunter.

Its color is blue, in fact, the necklaces in honor of Ochosi are made with blue, coral and yellow beads.

His festivity is June 6 and his number is 3 and multiples of 3. To greet him, it is enough to say with great respect: Oshosi Odde Mata!

Syncretism with Saint Norbert:

Product of the transculturation process is syncretized in the Catholic religion with Saint Norbert, saint of justice and protector of the underprivileged.

Prayers dedicated to Ochosi, asking for justice and protection

Prayer to Oshosi

The ceremonies or rituals in his honor are usually carried out by the mañana and outdoors, because he loves freedom and the mountain.

To pray to Ochosi, we ask him from our hearts for what we want, for the health, protection and well-being of ourselves and our family.

Offerings that the warrior likes:

  • He adores the offerings of roosters, chickens, hens, goats, fish, legumes, yucca, quail and venison.
  • They are offered birdseed, brandy, yams, hunted birds, manioc (yucca), anise, tobacco and legumes.
  • Its ewes (herbs) are the caña santa, immortelle, hen's foot, anamú, basil, opium poppy, romerillo, atiponlá, peregún, peony, purslane, poplar, carob tree, almacigo, marigold, avocado, guava, ceiba, pendejera, higuereta, gallant at night, plum and some others .

As Oshosi is part of the Warriors, we can attend to him on Monday, honey, brandy and tobacco smoke are also used in his attentions.

I pray that he delivers us from the enemy and bad people:

The various prayers and prayers that are dedicated to Ochosi are powerful and provide safety and well-being to the one who recites them. But for this we must always show great faith in his powers and pray to him with confidence.

Ochosi, above all, is asked to protect those we love from all evils and dangers, and to protect them.

Ochosi also represents divine justice and exercises great power when it comes to protecting others. That is why we invoke him in the following way to ask for his protection against the enemies of life:

O winner of winners, I implore you to lead my enemies to the path of peace, and lead them on the right path, since I do not wish them the evil that they wish me.

Just as you lead animals with good behavior, do the same with those who dare to hurt me.

I kneel before you and your formidable way of being, I implore you that my life is free of bad people so that I can be at peace with my loved ones.

What I want most in these moments of anguish is your blessing, and I know that you will not abandon one of your children. Amen

Prayer to Oshosi to intercede against the injustice that torments us

As an eternal fighter against injustice, Ochosi can also intervene to avoid problems related to this sphere, and so we pray to him:

At your feet I surrender great Ochosi, since you are impartial and master of justice in this world.

For you, these prayers come from a just and noble cause, because what I am looking for is that what you dictate be fulfilled.

Listen carefully to these words since they do not come from false lips. Stand up against the injustice that torments me and save me from the storm, I will be more than grateful for your performance. So be it!

I pray to Oggún and Ochosi that both warriors put all evil out of the way

Oggun He is the god of iron, the tireless worker during the day and night, he never rests, always alert and in the mountains he is hunting enemies, he and Oshosi are the perfect complement in the jungle.

We invoke them asking for their help and protection:

Great winners of all things, I come before you for my cleansing of mind and spirit, so that both I (full name) and my family enjoy the stability that only you my guides can provide.

I speak to you Oggún with your metal machete and to you Ochosi with your immense bow and perfect arrows.

Do not allow anything to hinder my path, clear it and go through me, all the obstacles that are found.

Keep everything bad from me, and from my home. Ashé.

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