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Oshún, Goddess of dance and sensuality

Oshún dance

Oshun is the representation of the sensual and the feminine, the Aphrodite of the Yoruba religion. Goddess of love and virtue, she is the most beautiful among the Orishas. The Oshún dance it is the most sensual, personifies sweetness and fertility.

The dance of this Orisha is as sweet as its waters, and Cubans know that, devotees or not, believers or not. All the islanders have seen a representative dance of the deity of the rivers and we have witnessed the overwhelming beauty of their movements.

It is said that the Oshún dance it is cheerful and vigorous. The goddess laughs out loud and waves her arms to rattle her bracelets. She raises her hands above her head to emphasize her charms and moves her curvy figure to the beat of the music.

Femininity and beauty in the Oshún dance

At Oshún dance, yellow and gold tones predominate in clothing and jewelry, symbols of femininity and elegance.

While dancing, the goddess makes voluptuous movements with her outstretched hands and sudden movements of the hips.

She thus celebrates her offerings. Ask for honey, showing the sweetness of life and the charms of living it fully.

Their movements can imitate that they row in a small boat and their raised hands represent gestures similar to combing their hair or admiring themselves in the mirror.

La Oshún dance It is also a sign of pride, as the goddess stands in a stretched position, looking over her nose at those around her.

They dance to the goddess, the daughters of Oshún

El Oshún dance It is highly represented in ceremonies to pay homage and devotion to the Yoruba deity.

Many are the Cuban dance institutions that honor Oshún through his dance. An example is the Trinidad Folkloric Ballet, which has maintained Afro-Cuban dance traditions for half a century.

To the beat of the drums, one of the dancers lends her body to Oshún, and she dances voluptuously with movements as fluid as a river, making the golden hands ring.

Oshún dancing is as natural as running water, his hands run over his body and his laughter resounds louder than music.

This is the dance of Oshún, the Yoruba goddess of love.

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