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Why is the river the home of Oshún? Pataki

Oshún in the river

Oshun She is one of the main deities of the Yoruba pantheon, as she represents love and fresh waters, especially rivers.

She is the purest intensity of feelings, human sensuality, love and femininity. She is the protector and defender of pregnant women and is also inflexible and just when it comes to insults.

Her extraordinary beauty, her outward joy, her relationship with money and jewels characterize her, and the kindness that she emanates makes many show her their immense devotion and pray to her and bring offerings to her natural temple, the river.

The legend of the Kingdom of Oshún and his father Olofin

Long ago Oshún lived in the castle of olofi, his father and for his immense beauty and joy, was the most praised deity in the place.

This led to jealousy on the part of Olofi's wife, who devised a plan to make Oshún look bad in front of everyone. Finally, there were so many bad opinions about Oshún, that he managed to get his father to treat the young woman with enough indifference.

However, the woman was not satisfied and wanted Olofi to assassinate Oshún. But the young woman learned of Olofin's wife's plan and left before the palace.

Crying, he was going through the mountains when he came across Yemayá, who gave him shelter, telling him that from that day on, his hiding place would be the river and it would also be his kingdom.

Constitution he consults Orula to find his daughter

But soon Olofin discovered his wife's plan and forced her to leave his side and with much regret began to search intensely for Oshún.

Not finding her anywhere, he decided to enlist the help of Orunmila the soothsayer. This consulted with Ifá the good intentions of Olofin and later he told him that he should approach the river bank, the kingdom that Yemayá granted to Oshún.

"When you are there you must ring a bell and pour some honey into the water"

Those were the words of the wise Orisha to Olofin, because only then would Oshún get out.

Olofin ran to the river, excited to see his daughter again and did everything Orunmila said. Thus he waited for her to appear from the waters.

Oshún queen and owner of the river

Oshún soon emerged from the crystalline water of his kingdom, full in all its beauty. His tearful father immediately apologized to him and begged him to come home to his side.

Oshún embraced him, but did not accept his proposal and told him that, although he loved him very much, he now had a home and a kingdom, in which he would always be welcome. Furthermore, she reminded Olofin that when he wanted to see her, he should only do what Orunmila had recommended.

That is why we left the offerings for Oshún in the rivers, to call her and communicate with her and tell her about our joys and sorrows. She will always be listening among its powerful waters, to pamper us and intercede before our anguish.

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