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It is Oshun in Oyekun Iwori who will give iré to you and your family

Oshun in Oyekun Iwori

In Oyekun Iwori the religious must say every day Maferefun Yalorde and pay tribute to the holy owner of honey bees, because this Orisha is their protector and will watch over their well-being throughout their lives.

Es Yoruba goddess Oshun Whoever will provide the iré to you and your family, always respect his word so that he does not fall into disgrace.

In this letter they are offered to Oshun:

  • Five sunflowers and a pumpkin,
  • he is given a fine perfume and
  • Yalorde must be counted on before making transcendental decisions in life.

In this letter the eyes are to see, the ears to listen and the mouth to speak

Ifá says that in this sign you cannot make ebbo to a pregnant woman because she will miscarry.

In Oyekun Iwori the eyes are to see, the ears to listen and the mouth to speak, but the religious must be clear that not everything that is seen and heard can be spoken.

In this odun, discretion is worth gold and thanks to knowing how to keep silent you will achieve great things in life and go as far as you set your mind to.

Oyekun Iwori feels that he lacks things to be happy without valuing what he has

Sometimes Oyekun Iwori feels that he lacks things to be happy, without valuing that he has what is needed for this task, which is:

  • Health,
  • a family,
  • a roof that protects it and
  • a job to earn a livelihood honestly.

The person ruled under this sign is a spiritualist and the eggunes (spirits) warn him what will happen and how to get rid of the osogbos (negativity).

In this letter you must pay attention to Ozun, orisha who must live in a high place where there is no danger of falling, this saint must be cleaned with cocoa butter and cascarilla.

In Oyekun Iwori it is forbidden to contract debts

You are prohibited from debt, so the religious must pay his promises to Shangó so that the Orisha sees his gratitude.

  • Offered to the king of war a rooster to bring good fortune to the home.

The man governed by this odun has the path of Ifá.

In this sign, Orunmila warns of disrespect from children towards parents due to immaturity and vice versa, due to the intransigence of the elders.

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