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2 Stories of the Goddess Oshún where she saves with her «Honey from bees»

Oshún history

Oshún the goddess of love and honey, of the rivers and fresh waters of the world, was once the savior of the I guess Orunmila using their sacred handkerchiefs.

The story goes that Orula's enemies wished for his death out of envy, so when Oshún found out where he was as a prisoner he presented himself to free him.

The one in charge of the fortune-telling's imprisonment he got drunk with Otí (brandy) and sweetened it with his oñí (bee honey), the powerful honey that he owns in Osha.

Oshún managed to get drunk and convince the jailer that she was in love with him, and when he did, he took the keys that opened the cell where Orula was imprisoned.

There she disguised him with her handkerchiefs until the goddess was completely naked before the soothsayer Orunmila who fell in love with her instantly, with her great beauty and sweetness.

This is how the beautiful Oshún became his wife after having freed him from that confinement to which he was subjected due to the envy of his enemies.  

The Story of Oshún when he rescues Oggún del Monte

Oshún sunflowers

Oggún the owner of the mountain, the owner of iron and all metals, the orisha of enormous strength who does not rest day or night, was interned in the mountains, and the white father Obatala along with the rest of the Orishas wanted to get him out of there.

Everyone's efforts ended in failure and they could not make Oggún leave the mountain in which he was immersed at work.

It was when the African goddess Oshún, the owner of the gold and riches of the earth, of the crystalline waters of the rivers and their secrets, appeared before the warrior Oggún using her oñí (honey from bees) as a secret weapon to achieve her mission. .

Using a gourd with honey she sang to him sweetly, as only she, the goddess of sweetness knows how to do, and she was smearing her delicious honey on the lips of the strong warrior.

Little by little she managed to get the owner of the iron to follow her step by step as if hypnotized by her beauty to the city where Obatala and all the Orishas were.  

This is how they managed to chain the warrior and bring him to the presence of the great father Orisha Obatalá.

Oshún with his sweetness and cunning, his beauty and the power of his honey, managed to complete what the other deities did not achieve.

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