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Oshún Ibu Okuanda, the warrior who freed Shango (+ Pataki)

Oshun Ibu Okuanda

Oshun Ibu Okuanda It is one of the best known paths of the Yoruba Goddess of Rivers and Love. Her name means "that which is about Death", because it is said that she was thrown dead in the river and later became Orisha.

The Aará call her Agokusi and she is born in the Okana Ofun sign, it is said that she will always be sitting in a chair and that she watches over the devotees, since she is a warrior and defends everyone who is under her protection.

Attention and Attributes of Ibú Okuanda

She is cared for by putting 10 glasses of honey in front of her, as it is her symbol and her sweetness helps her alleviate the bitterness of life. He also gets 5 green and yellow scarves, colors that he loves.

Her attributes honor her as the queen that she is Oshun, goddess of love and rivers and is credited as a Yoruba warrior. These are the elements it carries:

  • Corona
  • Cross
  • 5 machetes
  • 5 simple axes
  • 10 rings
  • a mirror
  • two combs
  • two spears.

Pataki: Shango and the rescue of Oshun Ibu Okuanda

Legends say that Oshún Ibu Okuanda was the warrior who freed the God of Thunder, Shango, from prison and certain death, after he was incarcerated for Oyá, the Queen of Centella.

This patakí says that Shangó promised Oyá marriage, but never kept his promise. On the contrary, he fell in love with Oshun and began her adventures with her everywhere, while OyáIn love as she was, she suffered in silence.

But one day, the Queen of Centella decided to take revenge on the one she loved so much and locked him in a tower, leaving the door guarded by Ikú (Death), the only entity that Shangó feared.

Thus locked up, the God of Thunder sent a message to Oshún, promising that, if he released him, he would marry her.

Oshun Ibu Okuanda came to the rescue, and blew cascarilla in the lock of Shango's cell, scaring Ikú away and opening the door for him to escape.

But they say that the king of dance and drum, Shango, did not keep his promise to marry her either.

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