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Oshún Ibu Sedan, the Owner of the spears

Oshun Ibu Sedan

Ibu Edan, Ibu Sedan, Asedan, Isekan or Isedan is one of the roads of Oshun, is little known and very old, she is the owner of the spears (edanes) and carries 2 of copper with her.

He is a very sensitive deity, he must be treated with great respect and care.

Oshún Ibu Sedan does not admit negatives, her feelings are whimsical and hence she is very capricious in love.

In the patakíes (stories) told by the legends of this Oshún, her kindness, fidelity and solidarity with others are demonstrated.

Oshun Patakies:

Oshún Ibu Sedan, due to her character, cannot deal with men on the subject of love, she is abandoned by Oshosi and since she had nowhere to go, Erinle picks her up and takes her to her home, a very cold cave that was next to the river. .

To protect Oshún from the cold, Inle wraps her in a fishing net and looks for her sacred bird: the quail, to make a blanket for her made of quail feathers.

That is why he has a net on his tureen in tribute to Inle for the protection offered. It is also clothed and adorned with furs and blankets to keep it warm.

It is said that when Inle abandons her, she becomes Ibu Akuaro, another path of this Orisha that attends with difficulty and therefore must be called with care.

In each path of the Orishas, ​​depending on their characteristics, the deities found various ways to reach their destiny and avoid their problems, which is why it is said that Ibu Kole becomes a treasure, Ibu Yumu a hermit.aña and that Ibu Aña dance nonstop to the drums.

Oshún gives his crown to Shango:

Many say that on this path she was also a woman Shango, where she bestows her crown on him.

Legend has it that at a dance attended by all the Orishas, ​​Shango did not have a crown to wear while everyone wore glittering crowns worthy of them.

The desperate Orisha of the fire turns to Eshú and he makes one with a well-decorated okra. During the dance, Shango's crown falls and everyone begins to mock him with contempt, and that is when the beautiful Oshún intervenes and gives him her crown.

Oshún's behavior and sacrifice is not appreciated in this story, for this reason she is banished to a very cold cave next to the banks of the river where she lives in solitude, because Shango is not grateful to her.

Offerings to Oshún Ibu Sedan:

Oshún Ibu Sedan had the ability to return to the world, since she and Eshu Ayé reached a pact. The deal was that he would eat pigeons if she ate goats instead of goats, which was her usual food.

Nowadays, in some places, in order not to offend him, goats are castrated before offering them. The tradition of feeding pigeons and also guinea pigs to Eshú Ayé comes from this agreement with Oshún.


Ibu Sedan is the owner of the spears, these edans are nailed to the ground and are joined by a chain that represents dualism.

This Oshun is credited with having pulled out of the river Aggayu thanks to possessing the edanes.

These edanes are used in 5 main functions:

  • Legal
  • Band Aid
  • Protection
  • Communication
  • Monitoring

Her attributes are also present in her crown, she wears 5 edanes linked by a chain and her necklace is made of yellow beads, very bright gold and emerald green, interspersing 5 yellow and 5 green. 

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